Blog #2196: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Skids

Transformers Masterpiece Skids


Vehicle Mode: Skids vehicle mode is absolutely perfect. The only unfortunate thing is that there is no way to mount his weapons on his vehicle mode, which most Masterpiece toys have been able to do.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Skids is equally perfect. The G1 toy is, in my opinion, not very well proportioned, having really long legs. Masterpiece Skids is the same. He has two different weapons that can either mount on his forearm, on in his hand, though when they are in his hand, they are actually attached to his arm. I really like this as the weapons stay securely, unlike some Masterpiece toys whose own guns fall out of their hands.

Overall: Skids it awesome. He’s an absolute must have. There are now only two 1984 Autobot cars we haven’t gotten yet, Jazz and Mirage, both of whom I believe have trademark issues. Even if they are not perfect recreations, I would be okay with them being slightly altered. Also, at some point they really need to start doing the Autobot Mini-Cars. So far we have only got Bumblebee, and we got two of him.

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