Blog #2179: Toy Review: Transformers: Legacy Voyager Class Bulkhead

Transformers: Legacy: Voyager Class Bulkhead


Vehicle Mode: Bulkhead is the first new mold Legacy toy to be released, and he certainly gives me hope for this line. Bulkhead is AWESOME. His vehicle mode is a perfect G1 Bulkhead. I know a lot of people are upset that he isn’t a Transformers: Prime Bulkhead, but I love it when they give us G1-esque versions of newer characters. He has lots of great detail, like the molding in his hard plastic shell to make it look like canvas. You can’t see it in the pick, but in the top there is a hatch. It doesn’t open, but instead of making it part of the covering, it’s black plastic. They could have easily just molded it in green as part of the cover. I really appreciate details like that. His windshield wipers ad bumpers are painted, and I love the spare tires behind the cab.

Robot Mode: Bulkhead looks great in robot mode. I love his big boxy chest and he has a great head sculpt. Bulkhead comes with his trademark mace. He also come with a gun that he can either hold, or can be mounted about his shoulder.

Overall: Bulkhead is absolutely awesome. I can see him being repainted/remolded as Age of Extinction Hound.

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