Blog #2164: Toy Review: Transformers: The Movie: Studio Series Leader Class Coronation Starscream

Transformers: The Movie: Studio Series Leader Class Coronation Starscream


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Coronation Starscream looks fantastic. His paint job more closely matches the animation. He has his cape, shoulder extensions, and crown from the movie. The throne is supposed to be the command chair from the Nemesis. He has a second set of null rays that can connect to the shoulder extensions since they use the port on his shoulder. In vehicle mode, while not official you can attach both sets of guns by pegging his regular guns into the ports on the sides of the fuselage and the new ones under his wings.

Overall: Starscream is awesome, but since he never had a throne in the movie, that is a little bit of a waste. As much as I hate it when toys don’t come with all the accessories they are supposed to and they get included with other toys, I would have rather had some other movie related items like Megatron’s gun and sword from the Battle of Autobot City, and or a gun mode Megatron. Still, I can’t recommend him enough.

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