Blog #2134: Toy Review: Transformers: Golden Disk Collection Voyager Class Mutant Tigatron

Transformers: Golden Disk Collection Voyager Class Mutant Tigatron

Mutant Tigatron

Previous Mold Use: Kingdom Voyager Class Tigatron

Mutant Tigatron looks guuuuurrrrreeeeeaaaaaat! (Did you really think I wouldn’t make that joke?) He really does, at least in Tiger mode. Hasbro’s inability to include changing mutant heads on any of the Beast Wars toys really frosts my flakes. (See what I did there?) Seriously though, I really don’t like Tigatron’s mutant head. I never have. Some of the mutant heads aren’t bad, but this one never did anything for me.

Overall: Mutant Tigatron looks so great in beast mode that I can almost recommend him. But he is just a repaint with a new bad head and not really based on anything, so I have to say he’s for completists only.

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2 Responses to Blog #2134: Toy Review: Transformers: Golden Disk Collection Voyager Class Mutant Tigatron

  1. lmb3 says:

    Zabulous, I totally forgot about that. It does make sense. If you were going to make a tiger, you would probably initially think about making him orange.

  2. Zabulous says:

    He is actually based on an aborted early color scheme for the original toy. While he is based on SOMETHING, doesn’t mean something substantial.

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