Blog #2051: Toy Review: Transformers: Kingdom: Deluxe Class Fossilizers Ractonite

Transformers: Kingdom: Deluxe Class Fossilizers Ractonite


Beast Mode: Ractonite is a dinosaur skeleton. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I mean, I might get it if Hasbro bothered to put tech specs and character bios on the package so we can learn who the characters are. Absent of that, I don’t know if this toy is really great, or really stupid, but if we assume there is a logical and non-stupid reason he’s a skeletal dinosaur, then his dinosaur mode is pretty freaking awesome. I prefer Paleotrex’s color scheme. No real reason why one set of bones would be a different color than another, and a uniform look for the Fossilizers would have been awesome. Ignoring the color scheme, his paint apps are pretty great. Initially I thought he was a triceratops, but I think he is actually a styracosaurus.

Robot Mode: Let’s start with the obvious. He has no hands. His wrists end in pegs, one of which has a sword attached. This is pretty poor design, not to give him hands at all. It would have been better if his dinosaur head could have become the other hand. That wouldn’t have been great, but better.

Armor/Weapon Mode: Ractonite becomes armor and weapons for other figures. These configurations are shown in his instructions.

Overall: Ractonite is fine in two out of three modes, but his robot mode is awful.

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1 Response to Blog #2051: Toy Review: Transformers: Kingdom: Deluxe Class Fossilizers Ractonite

  1. Sophie G says:

    Ractonite is my favorite out of the Kingdom toys so far (Cyclonus is a close second) because I like new characters who don’t have much personality so you can give them one.
    Also, I hate to tell you this, but you put him in robot mode the wrong way. His dino head is upside down. Don’t worry, I made the same mistake until my brother pointed out how it looked on the box and instructions.

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