Blog #2000: Toy Review: Transformers: Kingdom: Core Class Wave 1 (Optimus Prime, Rattrap, Vertebreak)

Transformers: Kingdom: Core Class Wave 1 (Optimus Prime, Rattrap, Vertebreak)

Optimus Prime

Kingdom Optimus Prime is pretty good considering his small scale. I hate that gray panel on the side of the cab. Not sure why that wasn’t red. Also, I wish a panel covered up his thighs in vehicle mode. Still, at this scale, it’s not bad. He looks great in robot mode.


I love Rattrap. He looks perfect in both modes. Transforming him is another matter. His panels all peg in, but its kind of hard to get them all pegged in at the same time. You push one in and another pops out. He needed a little more design work. Still, he’s pretty great.


Vertebreak is kind of a weird toy. The larger skeletal dinosaurs are fossilizers. They can become weapons and armor for other figures. The problem is that at present we know nothing about the characters, so we don’t know if it makes any sense that there are skeletal dinosaurs that are not fossilizers, or if Hasbro just needed another Core Class toys and had no better ideas. This is part of the problem with not having Tech Specs. It’s possible this might make sense with the fiction, but we don’t have any, and all we’re going to get is the Netflix series, which is only six episodes. This is why Tech Specs are important. Too bad Hasbro doesn’t get that. Anyway, Vertebreak is pretty cool. I love his dinosaur mode. His robot mode is okay, but those skinny chicken legs aren’t great.

Overall: This is a pretty good first wave for the new Core Class. They are all great, though if you don’t need a small Optimus Prime that is out of scale with the rest of the line, then I wouldn’t say he’s a must.

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