Blog #1956: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations Selects: Siege Deluxe Centurion Drone with Accessory Pack

Transformers: Generations Selects: Siege Deluxe Centurion Drone with Accessory Pack

Before I get to the accessory pack, let me say how much I hate it when Hasbro leaves out accessories, and how much more I hate it even more when they later expect people to pay extra for them. If this was a free bonus with another toy it would piss me off less, but it’s not. This deluxe toy was $30 because it included the accessories. Third party accessory packs are fine, but this is Hasbro being cheap and or incompetent. And frankly, these accessories aren’t worth $10, because Hasbro fucked most of them up.

Accessory Pack

Bumblebee’s Pistol

Bumblebee’s pistol is fine. I would have preferred black, but for this one just gray is fine. It’s passable.

Energon Cubes

They fucked up the energon cubs. Above is a photo of them from the inside of the box. The cubes were meant to have handles so they could be held, and yet the cubes have no handles. They do have a hole in them. The question is why did they not include them. Hasbro is cheap and they suck. I can’t think of another reason. These are a complete failure.

Ironhide’s Drill

In he animation Ironhide’s drill had a dark blue handle and hosing with a silver drill. This is crap, a complete failure.

Megatron Gun Mode With Silencer

The silencer is a separate piece, and he is properly painted more or less. I am conflicted about the lack of a stock. On the one hand, he should have a stock. If designed in two pieces with the stock fitting in the hand from the bottom that might work. On the other hand, there would be figures that couldn’t hold it because parts of their arm would be in the way. I’m going to call this one okay. Could have been better, but also could have been worse.

Megatron’s Energon Mace

We finally have a winner! Megatron’s energon mace is great. It would have been better if it had been packaged with the toy, but at least it’s well designed and looks cool. I kind of like this better than an actual chain that just hangs there.

Optimus Prime (Unicron Scaled)

Was it too much to ask that they paint him? I mean, sure, it’s a teeny tiny Unicron scaled Optimus Prime, but it also looks like garbage in solid gray. I would kill to buy a properly painted set of figures in this scale of all the major characters from the movie. That would be an awesome thing to display with Unicron. Instead we get this crap.

Optimus Prime’s Energon Axe

Miracle of miracles, we have another winner! If only they had included it with Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime’s Ion Cannon

The original G1 Optimus Prime had different variations of his laser rifle. The one that came with Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime sort of looked like they were trying to model it after the larger or bloated one. This one looks more like the animation. This one is another winner that should have been included with the toy.

Ravage’s Cage

Ravage’s cage is pretty cool at first look, but then you realize that, rather than putting an actual door on it like you would expect, that it splits corner to corner down the middle. It’s better than passable, but it’s not a winner either. I’ll call it acceptable.

Reflector (Camera Mode)

The lack of a proper paint job makes this one garbage. I like the post so he can be held by figures. More on that post later.


This one makes me angry. How you have an Optimus Prime with trailer and no roller is unconscionable. While Roller is a winner, it still pisses me off.

Shockwave (Gun Mode)

I like the design, but he has no paint job, so Shockwave is crap. I also kind of hate that they put a blast effect peg on the front. He just doesn’t have a traditional gun barrel, and that peg kind of ruins the look.

Sideswipe’s Jet Pack

How hard would it have been to cast it in red? If it was all red, I would still hate that they didn’t paint the engines black, but it would be at least passable. This is crap.

Soundwave Cassette Player Mode

They painted Soundwave and he looks good, but I can’t quite call him a winner. Why didn’t he get a peg like Reflector? I would have liked to have another figure be able to hold Soundwave.

Trailbreaker’s Radar Dish

I couldn’t remember this from the animation, but I found a picture of it online. All they had to do is paint the dish silver and it would have been perfect. It’s okay, not a total loss, but another one they mailed in.

Centurion Drone

Previous Mold Use: Siege Deluxe Class Brunt

Centurion Drone is based on an IDW character. I don’t know if he was a good character or a stupid one, but given IDW’s history of stupid, that is where the odds are. He looks fine.

Overall: He’s an easy skip. For completists only, unless you want to by a $20 toy for an extra $10 with some accessories that should have been included with their toys and are mostly garbage anyway.

Thanks for reading!

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  2. Allen Wrench says:

    I had this set too! So disappointing.

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