Blog #1946: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Amazon Exclusive Deluxe Class 2-Pack (Ironhide, Prowl)

Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Amazon Exclusive Deluxe Class 2-Pack (Ironhide, Prowl)


Previous Mold Use: Siege Deluxe Class Ironhide, Siege Deluxe Class Ratchet, Siege Deluxe Class Crosshairs

When I first saw photos of Earthrise Ironhide, I was really surprised that Hasbro was using a “brand new mold” only for exclusives. Only when I got him in hand did I realize that he is heavily remolded from Siege Ironhide with a new shield/gun accessory that forms the roof. This is the best G1 Ironhide homage ever (not including Masterpiece). There have been other great Ironhides, but all gave him more up to date vehicle modes, and I applaud Hasbro for finally giving us a real G1 Ironhide homage. I do wish they had tinted his windshield blue. The one major issue I have is his feet sticking out the back. It’s not awful, but they could have made them fold up and give him a proper vehicle back, which is disappointing, but at the end of the day, it could have been a lot worse. Also, in my review of Siege Ironhide I said I didn’t like the gray shoulders, but I forgot that it is accurate to the G1 animation for him to have gray/black shoulders, so I guess it’s fine, but the problem is that it leaves those black panels on the sides of his vehicle mode, which is worse on This Ironhide. For all the extensive remolding, if they had just remolded his shoulders and given the roof panels to cover them he would be perfect. Still great though. In robot mode he is perfect. Other Ironhides, Classics for example, have been good, but the chest wasn’t quite right to either the animation or the G1 toy (which of course had no head). This is the prefect mix of both. I see what they were trying to do with his shield, but it doesn’t work as G1 Ironhide’s sled. He needed the large missile on the sled for it to be passable. In robot mode that shield does have four gun barrels at the top that can be pointed forward as a gun, but I forgot to get a pic with it pointing forward.


Vehicle Mode: Prowl is awesome! He is not a remold of Siege Prowl, but has the same transformation. I love the translucent blue headlights, and they painted on his taillights. He’s just perfect.

Robot Mode: In robot mode there are a couple of issues. He does not come with the shoulder guns. I realize he did not have those in the cartoon, but this is yet another example of Hasbro going cheap on the accessories. Two extra tiny pieces of plastic was all it would have take to give him proper weapons.

Overall: These are both awesome toys. Ironhide’s vehicle back end and those black panels on his sides were addressable issues they chose to ignore. Both leave out required accessories, but having said that this set is still a must have.

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