Blog #1923: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Combiner Devastator

Transformers: Studio Series Combiner Devastator

Devastator is combined from eight Constructicons (nine if you include Skipjack, AKA yellow Rampage). Read my reviews of Deluxe Class Hightower, Deluxe Class Scrapmetal, Voyager Class Long Haul, Voyager Class Mixmaster, Voyager Class Rampage, Voyager Class Scrapper, Voyager Class Skipjack, Leader Class Overload, Leader Class Scavenger, and Combiner Devastator.



Behold! Devastator is freaking awesome! At long last, we have all the parts to form Devastator. He is very stable, he hasn’t fallen over once, and he combines very securely, no parts falling off. I think I prefer him with Skipjack, only because his whole body is red, so having all his limbs in another color looks great. There are only a couple of issues I have with him.

If you look at the green circles in the picture above, these two pieces do not peg into his chest/neck. They just stick up from his lower body. I would have preferred these connect. If you look at the blue circles, there is no connection between Overload on the bottom and Scavenger on top here. They are securely connected on his back, but I would have liked a connection point here. As you can see it doesn’t line up uniformly on both sides. It’s not a huge thing, but a couple of small pegs would have lined this all up. My only other issue is that he can’t stand on all fours. In the movie Devastator walks on all fours, which is impossible for this toy. His left hand especially is not designed for it. You might be able to get his right hand configured for it, but it wouldn’t do any good. He just doesn’t have the joints for it.

Overall: Even with his flaws, Devastator is awesome. This is a must have for any Bay movie fan.

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