Blog #1919: Toy Review: Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy Hot Shot

Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy Hot Shot

Hot Shot

Hasbro has so given up on the Rescue Bots line, that they didn’t even bother give this Hot Shot a fancy name like “Hook and Ladder Hot Shot”, “Giant and Out of Scale for No Reason Hot Shot”, or “Shameless Money Grab Before the Line Ends Hot Shot”. It’s just Rescue Bots Academy Hot Shot. No size class, no nothing, and that’s a pretty accurate description of this toy. It’s just not very good. At first I though I was an old Heatwave toy that had been remolded, but it isn’t. It’s new, which makes it even sadder that they couldn’t come up with anything better than this. In vehicle mode he’s a flatbed truck they are calling a fire truck with a big green and silver thing with lights and sounds mounted on the back. It has a ladder on top that is laughably short for the size of the vehicle. It has numerous sounds and the green plastic piece lights up. It mounts on his shoulder at a stupid angle, and cannot be moved.

Overall: I am sure kids will love this, but I can’t even stand looking at it.

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