Blog #1885: Transformers/Back to the Future Crossover Gigawatt Announced

Transformers/Back to the Future Crossover Gigawatt Announced

As I was writing blogs, I realized I had reached Blog #1885. 1885 is of course he year that Marty took the Delorean back to in Back to the Future Part 3. Seemed like a perfect time to talk about Hasbro’s announcement of a crossover toy, a transforming Delorean time machine named Gigawatt. Love the name, kind of hate the toy, and that doesn’t even begin to addresses the distribution. Let’s start with the toy.

I don’t usually get too upset about kibble visible through the windows, but this looks like shit. All they had to do was dark tint the windows, and it would have been fine. Apparently that would have made too much sense. That is far from the only problem I have with this toy. It’s just gray plastic rather than metallic silver, which would have looked amazing. Why Hasbro had to go so cheap with this, I just don’t know. The other major problem I have is with how small the toy is. It’s a deluxe toy. That’s it. The epically amazing Ectotron was at least Voyager Class, probably closer to Leader Class. It just feels like they’ve completely mailed this in.

As for the distribution, Hasbro made a big deal of releasing a Walmart Exclusive edition in collector packaging. They only made 1985 of them, and they sold out in 30 seconds. Walmart reportedly put a quantity limit of TWELVE per order. It’s been long established that corporations like Walmart don’t give a shit about people, but Hasbro has in the past “claimed” that they care about fans, while there is ample evidence to the contrary. This was unnecessary. A less limited version will be available later in the year, but that is not the point. Scumbag scalpers snapped these up and are getting hundreds and in at least one case well over $1000 for them. If they would just make toys people could actually buy they would make plenty of money. I cannot imaging under what business model this makes sense. They will sell more than enough of these without this stupid stunt.

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