Blog #1862: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime

Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime


Trailer: The inside of Earthrise Optimus Prime’s trailer is the very definition of sparse. No paint apps that I see, no weapon storage, no nothing. Definitely no Roller, which is particularly disappointing. The little cockpit has two short arms, and no missiles, firing or otherwise. While the inside is disappointing, the outside is less so. His trailer has the classic blue lines and Autobot logo, but it lacks with silver striping around the blue striping. It’s just blue stripes on gray plastic, which may look right at a distance, but close up it looks like a knockoff. It does not look terrible, but it screams cheap, which is synonymous with Hasbro at this point. It’s unfortunate that Takara has chosen to do things the Hasbro way, otherwise I would buy the Takara version because I’m sure it would be significantly better.

Vehicle Mode: Aside from the paintjob on his trailer, in vehicle mode Optimus Prime is awesome. His cab is pretty much perfect. Not crazy about the chunk out of the back in the middle, but so many Prime’s have that, I don’t really noticed it as much anymore. That’s actually pretty sad. Hasbro is breaking me of expecting quality.

Robot Mode: Optimus Prime’s robot mode is almost perfect. I just wish they had given him longer smokestacks. He’s otherwise perfect. Optimus comes with quite a few accessories. A piece of the trailer door is removable and becomes a shield. He has a pretty close to G1 gun. If you open his chest, you can see a Matrix, but he can’t hold it. The tower inside the trailer can be removed and strapped onto his back for some reason. You can recreate the repair base mode that I never liked.

Overall: Optimus Prime is not perfect, but he is pretty darn close, and I can’t recommend him enough. I am going to hope that down the road they rerelease this with more/better accessories, and a better paintjob on the trailer.

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