Blog #1776: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Siege Micromasters Wave 5 (Battle Squad, Soundwave Spy Patrol Unit 2)

Transformers: Generations: Siege Micromasters Wave 5 (Battle Squad, Soundwave Spy Patrol Unit 2)

Battle Squad


It is very hard for me to get excited about a third of a Micromaster Combiner Squad. Having said that, Direct-Hit is a an excellent homage to the original toy. He has decent paint apps, and unlike some of the earlier Siege Micromasters, he has tabs holding everything in place in vehicle mode.

Power Punch

As with Direct-Hit, Power Punch is a very faithful homage to the original toy. Unfortunately they added a stupid looking peg on top of his cannon.

Battle Squad Combined Modes

Direct-Hit and Power Punch look great in combined vehicle mode. Unfortunately, their gun mode is literally turning the vehicle update down and the reason for the peg on Power Punch. The gun isn’t bad, it’s a four barreled missile launcher. It just feels a little silly to turn over a truck and call it a gun.

Soundwave Spy Patrol Unit 2


Ratbat transforms into a rectangle. Well, not actually, it’s more of a rectangle with oddly shaped cutouts on one side. He looks really great in robot mode. Too bad he has no other meaningful mode. He has no weapons unfortunately.

Rumble (But Really Frenzy)

Rumble, who is red and therefore actually Frenzy, looks pretty good in robot mode, though he has no weapons and transforms into a rectangle

Overall: I have little use for Soundwave’s pointless squares, but Battle Squad is cool, or at least one third cool.

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