Blog #1775: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP-44)

Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP-44)

MP-44 Optimus Prime can be described in one word: Over-Engineered. Okay, maybe that’s two words. Regardless, this toy is ridiculously overpriced. It should have been at least $100 cheaper. Is it a bad toy? I wouldn’t say bad, but I would definitely say over-engineered.

Bonus Pin

Instead of coins, Masterpiece toys will apparently be coming with pins. They tried to go away from the coins before with the die cast statues, which were pretty cool, but they then changed back to coins. We’ll see how long this lasts.


Optimus Prime comes with two additional heads, plus a Starscream head and air intakes to simulate the scene where Starscream impersonated Optimus Prime. I believe it was Megatron’s Master Plan. He also includes a panel simulating the sword wound Megatron gave him in Transformers: The Movie. Of course he comes with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

He comes with his iconic laser rifle and energon axe from More Then Meets The Eye. He has two blast effects. I’m not really a fan of those.

Lastly he includes Sideswipe’s jetpack from More Than Meets The Eye and a connector to put him on a stand.

Sparkplug, Spike, and Carly

So, it’s nice to have the figures, but they didn’t exactly put a lot of effort into them. One of Spike’s legs pops off every time I try to bend it into a sitting position. They didn’t bother paint their faces so they look like some kind of faceless ghouls. Just a few paint apps to give them actual faces would have gone a long way.


Roller has an opening hood, and the figures can sit inside him if you can get their legs to bend the right way without popping off. You can attach his hose in different configurations. I don’t have a huge preference on the color for Roller, but I’ve always thought of him as blue.


And now we begin the over-engineered portion of the review. Did they really need to him it THIS complicated? Did it really need all of these configurations? I would have been more than happy with Roller able to pull the trailer and being able to put the gun from inside the trailer through the top. To me the rest doesn’t add anything to the toy. Plus the trailer doesn’t have the blue stripes on it. I know it didn’t in the cartoon, but that was a failing of the cartoon. For this price they should have had reversible plates to swap to put the proper stripes on it. I would also have preferred the trailer be silver not gray.

Vehicle Mode

The cab looks great, and I love the blue windows, but again, it’s missing the silver striping of the toy. It just doesn’t look right without it. Many of his accessories can store underneath the cab. There is a tray between the wheels that slides out the back. Unfortunately, his jetpack seems to only store on the trailer roof.


Are you kidding me? The sides of the cab fold up inside his legs? I couldn’t even begin to count the insane number of pieces that makes up his legs. It is so unnecessarily complicated, and I don’t think it adds anything to the toy. While he’s not as insanely hard to Transform as the second version of Megatron, he’s not at all easy. It’s a toy that you don’t transform as much as you wrestle into robot mode with him fighting you all the way. He’s not as bad as some of the movie Masterpiece toys either, but he was no fun to transform.

Robot Mode

In robot mode he looks great. Does he look $440 great? No. Not even close. The battle damage panel pairs with the battle damage head, but you would think he would have a little more battle damage than that. He looks pretty creepy with Starscream’s head if I’m being honest. The rocket pack isn’t terribly well designed. Even when it’s on you can see underneath it. It should have fit better over his back (unless I didn’t put it on right).

Overall: Is it a good toy? Sure, he looks really nice in both modes, no question. Will you want to cut your throat for trying to transform it? Sure, the box should have a warning to keep all sharp objects out of reach while transforming him. I will be curious to see if it gets repainted. Frankly, I don’t see enough people paying $440 for a black or toy version one to make it worth making, and I think that the insane price might be a reflection of their plans not to repaint it. They jacked up the price since it’s a one off, but this could also be me just hoping to god they don’t repaint it. Only time will tell, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the MP-10 Optimus Prime mold, who suddenly seems a whole lot less expensive.

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