Blog #1702: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron

Transformers Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron


Accessories: Megatron comes with a number of accessories…yes. The clear plastic parts are meant to pose him using a display stand to allow Optimus Primal to hold Megatron above his head. He also comes with a toothbrush and hunting rifle as seen in episodes of Beast Wars. He also has two additional faces and a laser blast for his dino head in robot mode.

T-Rex Mode: Megatron is perfect…yes. There is nothing they could have done better. They even gave him eyes that can be spun around so he either has pupils or doesn’t. I believe the toy did not have pupils, but in the cartoon he did. Unlike Masterpiece Dinobot, there is virtually nothing of his robot mode showing in his dinosaur mode, except for parts of his robot legs underneath him, which as you can see in the photo aren’t even visible unless you look underneath him. His paint job is absolutely perfect.

Robot Mode: Megatron looks perfect in robot mode…yes. I love his face sculpts. His claw hand is removable revealing a robotic hand underneath.

Overall: There are only two arguments against owning Masterpiece Megatron if you’re a Beast Wars fan. One is the price. While this toy is awesome, it is crazy overpriced at $320. Holding it, it just doesn’t feel like $320 worth of toy. I think Takara and Hasbro are pushing the bounds of what people are willing to pay. I have not ordered either the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Prime or Bumblebee with their exorbitant pricing. I will wait for there release and look for a deal. If you can stomach the cost, then the other only other problem is breakage. There are numerous reports of his crotch cracking. (There are so many jokes…) I have not had an issue with him, but my friend Zabgoth and I only transformed him once, and he’s going on my shelf in robot mode. Kind of hilarious that a toy with such a major quality control issue has a “Long Life Design” logo on the box. Takara’s QC has been slipping in recent years, no Hasbro’s policy of incompetent quality control or none at all has been rubbing off on them.

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