Blog #1433: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Voyager Octane with Headmaster Starscream

Transformers: Legends Voyager Octane with Headmaster Starscream

Legends Voyager Octane is repainted from Transformers: Generations Voyager Octone. Headmaster Octone is repainted from Titan Master Murk. He comes with a new mold Headmaster Starscream. Read my review of the USA Octone & Murk here.

Headmaster Ghost Starscream

I understand why they went with a ghost version of Starscream. In the G1 episode Starscream’s Ghost, Octane teamed up with the ghost of Starscream. I know in that episode Starscream took over Cyclonus’s body, but I do not recall if he actually took over Octane’s body. I will assume he did, because if he didn’t, this is really stupid. It’s a pretty cool Starscream head sculpt, but I think I would prefer a non-ghost version. It’s hard to make out the features of his small robot head, but it doesn’t look anything like Starscream.

Headmaster Octone

Headmaster Octane is a huge improvement over the USA version. Its amazing what a difference a few paint apps can do to a toy.


The use of paint instead of stickers makes the Japanese Octane vastly superior to the USA Octane. I really like the striping on the USA version, but the stickers look like they were put on by a two year old. As to the overall colors, there are some changes, but nothing of significance. I do like the additional silver paint on the Japanese version. The Japanese version uses a lighter shade of purple, which must be more animation accurate (I don’t recall for sure) and looks really great. What’s most interesting is that the Japanese version has a different robot mode than the USA version. The Japanese version keeps his shoulders flipped down in back. This makes it so you can’t peg his wings unto his back to hold them in place, but it doesn’t matter since the ports weren’t deep enough to actually peg in anyway. Also, the “ears” that pop up on each side of his head are not deployed. He has a different robot mode when using Starscream as his Headmaster with the “ears” popped up and the shoulders flipped up. I hate putting different heads on Headmasters, but giving him his own different robot mode was a pretty cool idea.

Overall: Unless you can find a USA version with competently applied stickers (which does not exist) I would recommend the Japanese version.

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