Blog #1426: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Voyager Grimlock

Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Voyager Grimlock

Click here to read about how Hasbro ruined the Power of the Primes line before it even started.


Enigma of Combination: Hasbro started with Titan Masters. Then they decided to do Titan Masters without faces and call them Prime Masters. Now they are including non transforming plastic cubes shaped like Titan Masters without faces. Hasbro has achieved the ultimate in stupid. Bravo Hasbro.

Dinosaur Mode: Grimlock looks great in T-Rex mode. He’s very faithful to the G1. His colors are perfect. He looks great

Robot Mode: Grimlock’s robot mode is just as great as his T-Rex mode. He looks awesome. The only problem is that he doesn’t come with an weapons. That absolutely sucks. That he comes with an idiotic plastic cube instead of a weapon is an enormous failure on Hasbro’s part. (I’ll add it to the list.)

Overall: It’s probably the best homage to G1 Grimlock, but the lack of weapons really takes away from an otherwise amazing toy. I guess I have to recommend him, but it’s really sad that Hasbro so often takes a great toy and ruins it by screwing up the details.  They have raised prices and decreased quality.  Fuck you Hasbro.

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3 Responses to Blog #1426: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Voyager Grimlock

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  2. Max Aycee says:

    3rd party weapons!

  3. Galifrey Falls says:

    All I want for Christmas is Me Grimlock King!

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