Blog #1423: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Prime Masters Wave 1 (Liege Maximo & Skullgrin, Micronus & Cloudburst, Vector Prime & Metalhawk)

Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Prime Masters Wave 1 (Liege Maximo & Skullgrin, Micronus & Cloudburst, Vector Prime & Metalhawk)

Click here to read about how Hasbro ruined the Power of the Primes line before it even started.

Review of Prime Masters: Prime Masters are heads without faces. They can be carried by deluxe toys like a baby in a harness. What they should have done is created a face with a piece that could be flipped over to reveal the logo similar to the face designs of some G1 Headmasters, so you could either use him as a head or as a logo.

Liege Maximo


I was not at all happy that the homage to Pretenders was going to be these tiny little armors for Prime Masters, but now having had some of them in had, I am really impressed. Skullgrin has lots of great painted details. He really looks perfect. I’m not a big fan of these claw weapons designed like guns, but he doesn’t look bad.



Cloudburst looks great. He has excellent paint apps. I love his gun mode, he’s definitely my favorite of the three in this wave.

Vector Prime


I love that they did Metalhawk, but I hate that they have limited themselves to twelve Prime Masters. There were twelve original Pretenders, but in addition to Metalhawk they are doing Bludgeon and Octopunch, who were from the second wave of six smaller Pretenders. I will be very disappointed if we don’t get all twelve original Pretenders, and at the moment, it does not look like that will happen. Metalhawk looks great though, but I don’t like his gun mode as much as Cloudburst.

Overall: Frankly the Prime Masters themselves suck, but the armors are fantastic homages to G1 Pretenders. I just hope they do all of them.

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