Blog #1422: Toy Reviews: Transformers: The Last Knight One Step Turbo Changers Wave 3 (Cogman, Drift, Scorn)

Transformers: The Last Knight One Step Turbo Changers Wave 3 (Cogman, Drift, Scorn)

Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Reviews


I really like the design of Cogman’s car mode. From the photos I saw of him, he looked like plain gray plastic, but it actually has a metallic sheen to it. In the photo it looks like his hood doesn’t close all the way and doesn’t properly connect with his fender above his front wheel. I noticed after I took the pics that his arm, which forms the side of the car, was actually misaligned. So, as with far too many one-step toys, he takes more than one step to transform. For a One Step Turbo Changer he looks pretty cool in robot mode.


Drift’s car mode is a great design, but I hate the almost all black color scheme. If they had just painted his windows red he would look great. Robot mode isn’t bad, but it looks like his head is floating above his shoulders. Drift has an incredibly cool transformation. You take the two sides of the rear of his card mode and rotate them in the opposite directions one hundred eighty degrees.


One Step Turbo Changer Scorn transformers in about six steps. He looks really cool, easily the best One Step Turbo Changer in the line. I love the paint apps and both his dinosaur and robot head sculpts look great.

Overall: This is easily the best wave of The Last Knight One-Step Turbo Changers, but that isn’t hard since the previous two waves both had repaints. Finding them is another matter. I have yet to see any in stores. I grabbed them on eBay and managed to find them at a reasonable price. If you’re looking, Toys R Us has them listed on their site, but they have been out of stock for two weeks.

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