Blog #1382: Toy Reviews: Transformers: The Last Knight Leader Dragonstorm (Stormreign, Dragonicus)

Transformers: The Last Knight Leader Dragonstorm (Stormreign, Dragonicus)

Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Reviews


Dragon Mode: I like Dragonstorm, but he has some really obvious design flaws. I like his heads, though I wish they were colored like the rest of his body in gray and silver. That would more closely match his look in the movie. The first problem is that his front legs are too short (or his rear legs are too long, depending how you look at it). He can only stand with his rear end in the air. The ball and socket joints for his necks are not great, the middle one especially wants to droop. His wings are the biggest problem. Each wing connects via a flat square that is hinged to the body and to the wings. The wings side is not strong enough to hold the wing up and droops. The tab that holds his rear legs in place is hard to get tabbed in, and pops out way too easily. These are obvious problems, and there is no excuse for them.


Robot Mode: Dragonstorm separates into to separate robots. Stormreign looks pretty good in robot mode. I love his head sculpt.


Robot Mode: Dragonicus also looks great in robot mode with an awesome head sculpt. The two sides of his groin don’t really clip together well.

Overall: Dragonstorm is a decent toy with a lot of flaws. We aren’t likely to see this mold again, so I have to recommend it.

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