Blog #1054: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con Battle Packs Wave 2 (Bumblebee vs. Major Mayhem & Grimlock vs. Back)


Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con Battle Packs Wave 2 (Bumblebee vs. Major Mayhem & Grimlock vs. Back)

When I first heard about these, I thought they were deluxe toys.  The Autobots are completely new molds of approximately Scout size.  They are paired with standard size Mini-Cons, which makes no sense at all.  Both are spherical and meant to be used with Deployers Overload and the upcoming Crazybolt.


Major Mayhem

tfrid2mcbpw2-02 tfrid2mcbpw2-03

Really Hasbro?  Major Mayhem?  Are you letting six year olds name your toys now?  These ball shaped Mini-Cons all suck, though I kind of like Major Mayhem’s robot mode, but he still sucks.


tfrid2mcbpw2-04 tfrid2mcbpw2-05 tfrid2mcbpw2-06 tfrid2mcbpw2-07

Bumblebee needed more paint apps in vehicle mode, but doesn’t look bad.  He looks pretty great in robot mode, but the armor really doesn’t do anything for me.  I would rather the Mini-Cons have armor like they are supposed to.



tfrid2mcbpw2-09 tfrid2mcbpw2-10

Back is another ball of crap.  He has a design flaw.  His legs are geared to close, but it is very hard to get them all to close up properly.


tfrid2mcbpw2-11 tfrid2mcbpw2-12 tfrid2mcbpw2-13 tfrid2mcbpw2-14

I really like Grimlock.  He’s got nice paint apps and great molded details.  What I don’t like is that silly armor dinosaur head.

Overall: I’m really not a fan of these Mini-Con Battle Packs.  Mini-Cons are supposed to be in scale with Deployers, who are about Deluxe size.  This makes them completely out of scale with these toys.  The armor and combined weapons are silly looking.  They should have packaged Mini-Cons with Deluxe repaints.  Also, the Mini-Cons have ports for weapons like regular Mini-Cons, but don’t come with any armor.  These just aren’t very good.

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