Blog #902: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Legends Wave 3 (Protectobot Groove, Viper, Warpath)

0generations-logoTransformers: Generations: Legends Wave 3 (Protectobot Groove, Viper, Warpath)

Viper is a remold and repaint of Powerglide and Warpath is a remold of Megatron.  Please read my reviews of Powerglide and Megatron.


Protectobot Groove


Vehicle Mode: Groove being a Legend Class toy is great for scale, but leaves Defensor a bit less G1 than it really could be.  Groove looks great.  Motorcycles are historically hard to do well, but he really came out great.  He’s got really nice paint apps.


Robot Mode: His robot mode looks great, and his head sculpt is excellent.  I just hate that these Legends don’t come with any weapons.

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tfgencwlegw3-05 tfgencwlegw3-06 tfgencwlegw3-07 tfgencwlegw3-08

Viper looks great.  He’s painted up to look like a Cobra Rattler, and his new face sculpt is meant to look like Rattler pilot Wild Weasel’s mask.  His symbols are from the Cobra Air Guard with Decepticon logos superimposed on it.  Kind of makes it look like it has wings.  This is pretty cool, and frankly, I’m glad they did it before Fun Publications got the idea to do another multi club exclusive.  I hate it when they do that, and there are three of them coming out this year (Serpent-OR from the Subscription Service and the two club exclusive figure/toy sets).



tfgencwlegw3-10 tfgencwlegw3-11 tfgencwlegw3-12 tfgencwlegw3-13

Frankly this mold looks a lot better as Warpath than it did as Megatron.  He’s got a new head sculpt that is absolutely perfect.  I just wish he was a shade or two lighter red.  He seems awfully dark.  Not a big deal though, he looks fantastic in both modes.  What I’d really like to see is the Leader Megatron remolded and repainted as Warpath.  That would be awesome.

Overall: A pretty good wave overall.  Groove is a must as is Warpath, but unless you’re a GI Joe fan, you can probably skip Viper, especially if you already have Powerglide.

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2 Responses to Blog #902: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Legends Wave 3 (Protectobot Groove, Viper, Warpath)

  1. lmb3 says:

    The problem is that Defensor looks more like Defensor without Groove. I would have been okay with making him a gun like Powerglide.

  2. DarkAlex1978 says:

    I think that Groove would have worked better as scout class (I’m a bit confused by the constant class renaming, so I’m not sure if the scout class existed anymore 😀 ), with an add-on to increase his size in leg mod, an add-on maybe transformable in something useful like…. I don’t now, a motorcycle carrier for Hot Spot (something like that ) or an little trailer for rescue equipment etc…
    But maybe I’m too much demanding (and I have too much ideas 😀 )

    The Viper recolor in a very nice idea and homage 🙂

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