Blog #898: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Protectobot Rook

Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Protectobot Rook


I’ve got mixed feelings about Rook.  On one hand, the decision to make Groove a Legends Class toy puts it much more in scale with the rest of the Protectobots than making him the same size as the other limbs, meaning a replacement limb, Rook, is necessary.  On the other hand, it’s going to be far less G1 accurate than the Japanese Unite Warriors Defensor.  The big problem is that without Groove, Defensor has a much more accurate chest than this set does.  My guess is that in the end, I will prefer the Japanese version, but in the USA, we have Rook, and he is a completely new mold, who will likely be later remolded into Brawl and or Nosecone.

tfgencwdelpbrk-2 tfgencwdelpbrk-3

Vehicle Mode: Rook is a six wheeled armored SWAT vehicle.  He’s very nicely molded with tons of detail and great paint apps, a really great design.


Robot Mode: Rook’s only flaw is found in robot mode.  He has no holes in his fists.  There is a port in the end of his fists, so he can plug in his gray weapon using the post on it’s end.  I’m really not sure why they did this.  It seems it would have been just as easy to give him regular fist ports.  The only reason I can think of putting the ports at the end, is that they will use this mold for Nosecone, and he’ll have dual drills instead of single, and the will plug in their.

Overall: Rook is a great toy, and I don’t mind him as an addition to the Protectobots so that Groove can be Legends class.  I just kind of wish we got Deluxe Groove so I didn’t have to get Unite Warriors Defensor.

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  1. Vehicle mode looks like a tiny Universe Onslaught with the wrong faction logo:

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