Blog #880: Toy Reviews: Dairycon 2015 Toys and Merchandise

Dairycon 2015 Toys and Merchandise


I was unfortunately unable to attend Dairycon 2015, but was able to get the exclusives and merchandise.


dc2015-01 dc2015-02



Poker Chip




Wow, that is awesome art!  The G1 1984 back of the box art is done with Dairycon characters.


dc2015-06 dc2015-07 dc2015-08

More wonderful art.  I absolutely love the comic cover, and I don’t even have the words for the Windbreaker.

Bad Parts Repair Kit

dc2015-09 dc2015-10 has it’s very own Dairycon Exclusive.  The Bad Parts Repair Kit has everything you need to fix those misassembled Botcon Exclusives.  (This might be the single best idea I’ve had in my entire life.)  Thanks to Fred’s Workshop for producing this.

Make Anyone Sideswipe Kit


Now any toy can become Sideswipe!  The kit include a Sideswipe head and Autobot symbol.

Make Kup PicKup Upgrade Kit

dc2015-12 dc2015-13

Now you can make your Kup a PicKup with your very own PicKup hearing aide.

Ducky Redux Power Up Kit


Now Ducky glows in the dark and comes with his very own mounting bracket so he can be attacked to other toys like  Mini-Con.

Battle Unicron

dc2015-15 dc2015-16 dc2015-17

Wow.  Battle Unicron is one of this year’s exclusive toys.  He looks awesome with his custom made wings, horns, and spikes.

Windbreaker SBD

dc2015-18 dc2015-19 dc2015-20 dc2015-21

Windbreaker SBD (Silent But Deadly) is a repainted G1 Windcharger in blue and orange.  Windbreaker has the distinction of having one of the best names of all Transformers (probably second all time to Erector).  The toy looks awesome.  I don’t have this toy yet, which is why the pictures are so bad, but I do have a prototype version (note the blue legs and arm connectors) and The Staff Exclusive painted version.

dc2015-22 dc2015-23 dc2015-24 dc2015-25

Evasion Mode PicKup

dc2015-26 dc2015-27 dc2015-28 dc2015-29 dc2015-30 dc2015-31

Wow.  Evasion Mode PicKup comes in a box with a custom Dairycon Steers stamp.  He has a ton of accessories and is expertly painted.  He really looks awesome.  He’s made from a Generations Kup with a distressed paint job.

Thanks for reading!

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1 Response to Blog #880: Toy Reviews: Dairycon 2015 Toys and Merchandise

  1. I’m digging Windbreaker! I love the humor of Dairycon and many of the exclusives have been fantastic. I’m partial on their Spychanger repaints they’ve done in the past. I have two of them MIB that are prized items in my collection.

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