Blog #879: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) McDonald’s Toys (Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Fracture, Underbite, Sideswipe, Fixit, Clampdown)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) McDonald’s Toys (Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Fracture, Underbite, Sideswipe, Fixit, Clampdown)

These are of decent size and some of them have cool action features, but some of them are pretty crappy.



Bumblebee’s action feature seems to work backwards.  He twists at the waste, but instead of his hand going up with the sword, it goes down.  In the photo, I pushed his arm down since he looked silly holding it out.



Grimlock has a very cool feature.  He has a switch on the bottom.  In one position his missile lights up, in the other it fires the missile.  He’s one of the better ones in the set.

Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime has a button on his back.  You push it and his hand spins with his sword in it.  Unfortunately, when it is not spinning, it won’t stay up.  Kind of stupid.



Fracture is decent looking.  His weapon has an on off switch, and when on, you push the barrel in and it lights up and changes color.  He’s better than most.



Underbite looks really good, more accurate then the actual toy, I think.  Unfortunately, his action feature is to push him down into a seated position and for him to jump.  It just doesn’t work very well at all.



Sideswipe looks really great, nice molding.  His hand spins like Optimus Prime’s, but he has a weapon that doesn’t make it look like he needs Viagra.



I like Fixit.  His drill hand spins and his other hand moves as you push him.  They did a good job giving him wheels, but also support so he can stand up.



What the fuck is he supposed to be?  That is one bizarre looking thing.  Whatever Clampdown is, his action feature isn’t bad.  His left claw launches.  It’s on a short string, so it doesn’t go very far, but it’s pretty cool.

Overall: Sideswipe, Grimlock, and Fracture are the best of the bunch.  I might add Fixit in there too.  They are exactly what you expect of McDonald’s toys.  The rest are sub par at best.

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