Blog #853: Transformers Playstation Optimus Prime

Transformers Playstation Optimus Prime


I really don’ get this.  When they did he Sega, I thought this would be a Super Nintendo, staying with the 16-Bit theme.  I could be wrong, but I believe that Playstation was 32-Bit.  It’s not a horrible toy, but there is one characteristic that almost every Optimus Prime has had, and that’s the windows in his chest.  I’m sure there were one or two that didn’t, but that is his most iconic feature.  The red part of his chest could easily have been made to look like windows.

tf16bitmdop-2 tf16bitmdop-3 tf16bitmdop-4

I would have been expecting a much larger toy for $120 if I didn’t already have the Megatron.  It’s better looking than Megatron.  The curved gray horns won’t sit in the same position on each side no matter what I do.  He feels like he will break in my hands, almost 3rd party (average 3rd party, there are exceptions) plastic quality.  The one thing this toy does shave going for it is an absolutely fantastic head sculpt.  One of the best G1 Prime head sculpts ever, and he’s got blue eyes.

Overall: At this insane price, I have to say skip it.  If you’re a completist, you can probably wait for clearance.  This is not going to sell out anytime soon.

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2 Responses to Blog #853: Transformers Playstation Optimus Prime

  1. lmb3 says:

    Michaelwpollard, you’re right. They could have made it functional with chip in he leg where the port is and an adapter so you could plug in a real controller.

  2. For $120, I’d want it to be a functional Playstation.

    They certainly could have done so in several ways. To be fully operational, a disk reader only needs a motor and read head with some kind of tracking assembly connecting the two; the rest of the center section can still come apart for transformation. Or they could have cheated and dropped the functional disk reader and used flash or some other storage instead.

    The rest of the electronics with modern tech could fit in a thumb drive – or even be emulated, also in the size of a thumb drive.

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