Blog #823: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Stunticon Dragstrip

Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Stunticon Dragstrip

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Each Deluxe Combiner Limb comes with an accessory that can turn into a foot or hand for the combiner.  In the picture, the thumb is in the center position, but can be turned either direction to form a left or right fist.  A very cool bit of engineering, but unfortunately, this part is really not good for anything else as most Deluxe toys have no way to use them as a weapon that does not look stupid.



Vehicle Mode: I really like Dragstrip’s vehicle mode with the exception of the peg sticking out of the top behind the seat.  Now, unless this peg (or the port on the bottom of the nose of the car) are important in combining, all it is for is to connect the car nose to his back.  It could have easily been done with a smaller peg, or even a port on top and a peg on the bottom of the nose.  Still, this is a fairly minor thing, and he looks really great otherwise.  Annoyingly, there is nowhere to store or attach his sword in vehicle mode.  You could take the angled peg and put it in the whole on the side of the car, but the it would point away from the vehicle at an angle and look stupid.  Also, with one additional port, the foot could have pegged on top of the vehicle and simulated the G1 double cannons that all the Stunticon limbs had.

Update 1/13/15: Okay, so I’m more than willing to admit when I’m wrong.  I opened the Aerialbots first, and the fists clearly had no ports on the bottom.  While the molds are all different, they are all designed the same.  So, by the time I opened Dragstrip, I must have barely looked at the foot and just assumed it had no port.  However, it actually does.

dragstripSo, you can in fact put the gun on the roof like the G1 toys had.  Complete props to Hasbro on that.  I can’t believe I missed it initially.  I’m not 100% happy with it.  The thumb folds underneath, but if the gun sat further back you could fold that down the back of the vehicle and it would look even more like the G1.  Minor thing, but it would have been nice.  Still, that peg does take away from the car mode without the gun. End Update


Robot Mode: Dragstrip looks great in robot mode.  I know that some will complain about the screw heads that are so visible on his torso, but they have to be somewhere, and they are better here than the top of the vehicle.  They could have painted the part in the center of his chest yellow (or cast it in yellow plastic).  Really not a big deal to me though.

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1 Response to Blog #823: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Deluxe Stunticon Dragstrip

  1. The figure overall is cool. I agree they might should have used the post under the nose and hole on the back, to allow using any weapon there in vehicle mode – the clearance under the nose would be the same. The design and manufacturing process seem to be good – there are a lot of tabs to help alignment, and they all seem to snap securely where they are supposed to go.

    The main issue with mine is sloppy paint application, with either rough edges or overspray with many of the magenta-on-yellow surfaces. I can almost forgive the bleedthrough and rough edges of the yellow-on-magenta on the underside, since it seems they used extremely thick paint for coverage, and even that wasn’t enough – except that I could argue the paint wasn’t needed, since it is the *underside* after all. The paint there is so thick and glossy it looks like it’s on metal. Also, the magenta and the yellow paint and plastic colors don’t match, possibly because of the drastically different base material.

    I love the prominent classic purple-on-silver sticker-looking Decepticon logos. Those are absolutely awesome.

    You can attach the fist on the backside, trying to resemble the original weapon – but I can’t find an orientation that doesn’t drag. The best look would be to drive out the pin from the thumb; the base could then either serve as a higher weapons mount – or folded horizontal as a cargo carrier.

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