Blog #814: Toy Review: Transformers Third Party Justitoys World’s Smallest Transformers Ground Air Commander (Blitzwing)

Transformers Third Party Justitoys World’s Smallest Transformers Ground Air Commander (Blitzwing)

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This one came out a couple of years ago, I think, but I just picked it up.  Justitoys World’s Smallest Transformers Blitzwing is a perfect miniaturization of G1 Blitzwing.  Mine does have a few quality control issues.  First off, when I flipped out his head, the screw fell out that holds the jet nose together.  I think I got it back in, but I was very careful wile flipping the jet nose back, so I’m not sure if it’s okay or not.  I’m not willing to test it.  Second, one of his jet vertical stabilizers/feet came off.  It’s screwed in from the inside, so I’m not sure if the threading is striped, or it wasn’t all the way in.  I would have to disassemble his leg to try to fix it.  Since I will display him in tank mode, I’m not going to bother.  Lastly, his missiles will not stay in his wings, they just fall out.  I needed to wrap some tape around the shafts so they would stay when I put them in.  The shafts are too small for the hole.  QC issues aside, he really is awesome.  The only design issue is that his fists are not retractable.  This means you can’t leave the missiles in his wings in when you put him in tank mode.  Since they have tape on them to make them stay, I wasn’t thrilled to have to take them out again.  Overall I really like this one.  I don’t know if Justitoys is still making new WST toys.  I haven’t heard of a new one in a while.  If they were going to, I would love to see some WST Headmasters or Insecticons.  I would kind of like to see some combiners, but there have been miniaturized knock off sets of most of the combiner teams, so that would be a bit redundant.

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