Blog #746: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Generations Deluxe Windblade

Transformers Generations Deluxe Windblade


I admit to be being a bit disappointed in the “Fan Built” bot.  In reality, the fans chose from some different general characteristics, and then the designers used the top voted characteristics to make a toy.  A bit overblown for what it actually is in my opinion.


Vehicle Mode: It’s not a terrible toy, but does have some issues.  First off the ladies shoes sticking out the top of the jet look kind of stupid.  They should have made her feet fold down flat, then it would have looked fine.  The wings are also messed up.  They look like they are on backwards.  The VTOL turbines would look better on the back of the wing than in the front, and the back edge of the wings would have looked better as the front.  It just looks wrong.  The two halves of the vertical stabilizers won’t stay together, it needed another peg to keep it closed.  I’m also not crazy about the way the hilt of the sword sticks out the back of the jet under the tail.


Robot Mode: She looks great in robot mode.  I love the sheath on her hip, but it does not stay on very well.  The sword seems a little long, but I love the purple and clear blade.  I do not like the way her shoulders connect to the wings.  It’s hard to move her arms without inadvertently movie the wings.  I wish her wings would snap in place.

Overall: Windblade’s okay, but I really think the hype was a bit much.

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