Blog #735: Toy Review: Transformers Botcon Subscription Service Chromedome with Stylor

Transformers Botcon Subscription Service Chromedome with Stylor

Original Molds: Transformers: Prime Deluxe Wheeljack (Repainted, New Head) and Arms Micron S.2 (Repainted, No Mold Changes)



tfbcss2014-chromedome-2 tfbcss2014-chromedome-3

I cannot believe what my eyes behold!  He has…a paint app!!!!!  Yes, that’s right, Fun Publications actually put a paint app other than the symbol on an Arms Micron partner, painting his face orange like the G1.  I don’t know what’s more amazing, that they put a paint app on him, or that it took them this long to realize they needed to.  It’s not my favorite Arms Micron mold, but it works well enough for Stylor.


tfbcss2014-chromedome-4 tfbcss2014-chromedome-5 tfbcss2014-chromedome-6

He looks incredible in vehicle mode.  They really did a great job on him.  His paint apps are detailed.  He looks really sharp.  There is no roof port for Stylor, which is one of the reasons that they should have picked a different Arms Micron mold that would have worked better on the side of the vehicle.  His head sculpt is fantastic and he looks perfect in robot mode.  They painted his sword blades silver, which looks great.  Unfortunately, his left elbow joint is so loose that he can’t hold his arm up even without holding a weapon.  Given the information that has come to light about Fun Publications cost cutting for exclusives, that could be a contributing factor, but it’s just as likely that it’s Hasbro’s fault, as previous uses of this mold have had somewhat loose elbow joints also, though not to this extent.

Grade: A-

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