Blog #722: Toy Reviews: Transformers Rescue Bots 2-Packs Bumblebee & Morbot, and Blades & Dani Burns

tfrbrs-00Toy Reviews: Transformers Rescue Bots 2-Packs Bumblebee & Morbot, and Blades & Dani Burns

At last we have new molds for the Bots!




Morbot looks really cool, but as I recall from the cartoon, he should be a lot bigger (I think).  Hasbro should really expand this line so that the larger toys are not all Autobots.  Morbot certainly could have been Bumblebee size.  There are also so many figures they could do, the Mayor, the weird cat lady, the criminal twins, Frankie, Chief Burns’ brother, the list goes on.



Finally a new Bot mold!  Bumblebee is based on his Rescan Series motorcycle mode.  He looks very cool, however, I think mine has been misassembled.  His arms seem to be on backwards with his elbows in front and his forearms bending back towards his waist.  Could be meant to be that way, but it doesn’t seem right.  The hands are on the correct side.  I haven’t seen another one of these, so I’m going to keep an eye out for more to see if I have one randomly misassembled or if they are all like that.


Dani Burns


Finally!  I was beginning to think Hasbro would never make a Dani Burns figure.  Kind of silly that it’s taken this long, but after all these years toy companies still haven’t figured out that female figures in the toy lines they looked at traditionally as “boys toys” will actually sell.  All of us scarred by never having a G1 Arcee can attest to that.  (And now 28 years later, we are finally getting our G1 Arcee later this year!)



Blades is awesome.  He is based on the as yet unreleased Rescan Series jet mode.  I really like this one, possibly the best in the line yet.  He’s got great paint apps and I love the head sculpt.  Hopefully Hasbro will start making more of these new molds.

Thanks for reading!

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