Blog #715: Toy Review: Transformers Botcon Subscription Service Treadshot with Catgut

Transformers Botcon Subscription Service Treadshot with Catgut

Original Mold: Transformers: Generations Deluxe Warpath (Repainted, No Mold Changes) and Arms Micron Kit Jida (Repainted, No Mold Changes)




They picked the right Arms Micron mold for Catgut, but doing these without stickers or paint apps (besides the Decepticon logo) really sucks.  Just include the stickers that came with them originally, that’s all they need to do.  Just give us something so they don’t look unfinished.  This is a lazy and cheap way for them to act like they are giving us so much more.  These aren’t that expensive.  The single pack ones from Japan were sold by online retailers in the USA for only $8, so they aren’t adding that much to the cost of the toy, but I’d rather the toys be cheaper and just do away with these things if they aren’t going to paint them or include stickers.  They just look like crap.


tfbcss2014-treadshot-4 tfbcss2014-treadshot-5

Do we really need a transforming homage for ALL the Action Masters?  I mean, were fans really clamoring for this toy?  It’s not a bad toy, not at all, in fact, I really like it.  The black and gray with orange looks great on this mold, and it’s an awesome mold to begin with.  I love the toy, I just don’t see the need for it.  I think doing an homage to important toys and characters is great, but Fun Publications needs to stop just coming up with toy ideas to fit the number of toys they want to make and start making the toys people actually want, or at least be creative about it.  Thrustinator was creative.  This, not so much.  I’m only giving it a decent grade because the toy itself is cool, if pointless.

Grade: B+

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