Blog #673: Toy Reviews: Botcon 2014 Voyager Knight Alpha Trizer

botcon2014Botcon 2014 Voyager Knight Alpha Trizer


Mold: Transformers: Prime Voyager Thundertron (Repainted, No Mold Changes, Includes Takara Weapons)



The toy is nicely painted and they included the weapons he came with in Japan.  It’s really nice looking, but how it looks is really irrelevant with how badly they screwed this up.

So, he’s called Alpha Trizer because he’s supposed to be Cheetor and not Alpha Trion, yet they painted him in Alpha Trion’s color scheme.  WTF!  PICK ONE!  Either make him a Cheetor homage and put him in Cheetor’s colors, or make him an Alpha Trion homage.  They tried to do both and utterly failed to do either.  They already did Alpha Trion in 2007 (and a much better one than this, an awesome one in fact).  This is not a great mold at all, but I would have been okay with him as Cheetor, even if they did change the name, or as Alpha Trion since Beast Machines Snarl was the model for Alpha Trion way back when.  Either would have been fine, but both sucks.

The even bigger problem is that this toy is the only one that actually has anything to do with pirates (he has a peg leg) and they made him a knight!  Come on, isn’t anyone thinking over there?  The one and only toy that makes sense as a pirate and they make him a knight.  It is unfathomable how they could miss such an obvious point.  Right from the beginning I thought that the biggest problem with the Pirates vs. Knight theme was that this is the only toy that can work as a pirate.  I don’t get it.  What they should have done is make him Ravage and paint him in black and silver.  That would have looked awesome.  This is quite possibly the worst Botcon toy of all time, and that’s REALLY saying something.

As I said above, the toy itself is not bad, but they pride them on how the toys connect with the storyline, so they have to succeed at both to be a really good toy.  Obviously if you ignore the story component that they so cherish, it’s a much better toy.

Grade: F-

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