Blog #669: Toy Reviews: Botcon 2014 Kre-O Set (G2 Breakdown, Shattered Glass Rodimus, Axalon Rattrap, Fractal, Landshark, Gigatron)

botcon2014Botcon 2014 Kre-O Set (G2 Breakdown, Shattered Glass Rodimus, Axalon Rattrap, Fractal, Landshark, Gigatron)


Instructions (Or Lack There Of)


So, this is what laughingly counts as instructions for this set.  It’s not rocket science putting Kreons together from a picture, but these are Micro-Changers.  I figured them out, but there really should be instructions, especially since they are so ridiculously overpriced at $60 for 6 of them.  That’s 70% more than retail ones would be.  That’s way more than is reasonable.  Also, they left a part out of Rodimus and put an incorrect part in with Fractal.  That’s why the set is in a second Ziploc bag as the added parts are not in the sealed bag.  What’s even worse, one of the best things about Micro-Changers is the extra parts that get used in robot mode to make the Kreons more interesting.  They don’t use any extra parts on the robot modes.  What the hell is the point?  I made up my own versions of the Kreons with extra parts (where possible) but there should have been instructions that include these extra parts.

G2 Breakdown

BC2014kre-o02 BC2014kre-o03 BC2014kre-o04

G2 Breakdown looks nice, his colors are great.  The double cannon for his vehicle roof (which I forgot to take a picture of) is a nice touch.  As you can see I put some parts on his back.

Grade: A+

Shattered Glass Rodimus

BC2014kre-o05 BC2014kre-o06

He’s not too bad, but that giant gun is way too big.  It’s not a horrible choice, but there are better options.  If they wanted to do Shattered Glass they could have done Optimus Prime.  One of the Recent Micro-Changers waves had Nemesis Prime, so they just had to repaint an existing design.

Grade: B-

Axalon Rattrap

BC2014kre-o07 BC2014kre-o08 BC2014kre-o09 BC2014kre-o10

I love this one.  They did a great job coming up with a motorcycle mode for him.  Not sure how I feel about his hard hat, though I believe it does relate to the story from the comic.

Grade: B+


BC2014kre-o11 BC2014kre-o12 BC2014kre-o13 BC2014kre-o14

I’m still not 100% sure I’ve assembled him correctly.  He looks okay, but in robot mode he looks much better with the wings on.  Unfortunately they failed to paint his bird eyes on like he’s pictured, so that really sucks.  I would give a higher grade if they had painted his eyes.

Grade: B


BC2014kre-o15 BC2014kre-o16 BC2014kre-o17

Of all the characters you would do, you pick Landshark?  It was a crappy toy, so of course they give us another one.  Having said that, I do really like his vehicle mode.

Grade: C+


BC2014kre-o18 BC2014kre-o19 BC2014kre-o20
Strangely, I think he is actually better than the actual Gigatron toy with his enormous head.  I can even assemble legs correctly.  😉  Seriously, this one is pretty good.

Grade: B+

Overall: I give the set a B not counting the exorbitant price.  Adding in the price I have to give it a C-.

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