Blog #581: Toy Reviews: Transformers Rescue Bots 2-Packs Optimus Prime & T-Rex, Bumblebee & Scrapmaster, and Heatwave & Cody Burns


Toy Reviews: Transformers Rescue Bots Mini-Cons Optimus Prime & T-Rex, Bumblebee & Scrapmaster, and Heatwave & Cody Burns




Finally, these Mini-Cons (as Hasbro is apparently calling them) are getting interesting! T-Rex is really cool. He’s nicely painted. I love that he has no joints since he is well balanced and stands perfectly fine on a flat surface. He could be a little larger though.

Optimus Prime


A straight repaint of the Energize series Optimus Prime. The coloring is unique and looks pretty cool. I am a bit disappointed we didn’t get a new mold.




This one is very cool. Scrapmaster looks really great, nicely molded and painted. Would be better if his arms could move. I wish they would do more of these 2-Packs. They come out so infrequently, and we still don’t have a Dani Burns figure. It’s really annoying.



He’s a straight repaint of the Energize series Bumblebee. They seem to be going for a Stealth Bumblebee look. It’s nice, but like Prime, I wish he got a new mold.


Cody Burns


This is interesting, though I’d still have preferred Dani. We have Cody in his Superhero costume along with a very cool hoverboard accessory. It’s not bad, but we really didn’t need another Cody when there are so many other characters to choose from that we don’t have toys of.



Finally we get a new mold bot! Heatwave is based on his rescan series fireboat mold. He looks great, with nice paint apps and a great sculpt. Can’t wait to get some more new bot molds.

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