Blog #538: Toy Review: Transformers Go Optimus Exprime

Transformers Go Optimus Exprime


In what might be the biggest WTF moment in history, Takara decided to make Optimus Prime into a triple changer that turns into a train and a dragon.  No, I don’t get it either.

So, this is pretty straight forward.





So, here’s the good.  Optimus Prime looks pretty great in train mode, ignoring the I don’t know what weapons thing that sits on top and really doesn’t stay on very well.  Robot mode is pretty cool.  He’s a bit thin in the middle under the windows on his chest, but it’s not bad.  If they had just released this and given him a gun, in stead of the thing on his roof, I think it would have been a neat toy.

That’s where the good ends.

This is supposed to be a dragon.  Looks more like a train wreck (pun intended) to me.  I don’t even know what to say.  It looks like a dog ate the toy, shit this out, and they said “cool, he’s a triple changer!”  I am shocked at this level of bad by Takara.  I don’t even expect that Hasbro could put out a toy this awful, though lord knows they’ve tried.



He combines with Kenzan (Samurai Team) and Gekisoumaru (Swordbot Shinobi Team) with either being on top or on the bottom with Optimus Exprime in the middle (that sounds somehow dirtier than it did in my head).  They aren’t really any worse than the other combiners, so I can’t exactly tear into them that much, but they certainly don’t do anything for this toy.

At the end of the day, the train is really awesome without the crap on top.  Is it worth buying for $60, only for a crazy completist like me.

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