Blog #533: Toy Reviews: Transformers Generations Voyager Rhinox


Transformers Generations Voyager Rhinox


Rhino Mode:  It’s taken nineteen years, but we finally have a truly awesome Rhinox toy.  He looks like he stepped right out of the cartoon.  He’s awesome.  The only minor problem I have with him is that his tail and the armor plate on his back end is soft plastic.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they had a choice.  I doubt he could even transform if that was hard plastic.  He’s so perfect otherwise, that I’m glad they didn’t fiddle with it.  They would have probably messed it up.


Robot Mode:  What can I say?  He’s stunning.  He even comes with two chain guns, and he can hold them properly, unlike the original toy that had one that he couldn’t hold properly.  Admittedly, it is quite likely that the discrepancy in the original toy is because Mainframe animated him differently than the toy designer had intended.  Thanks to Mainframe, they fixed Hasbro’s mistake.

I love this toy so much.  I just wish we could get the rest of the principal cast.  Rattrap is on the slate already, and Waspinator is already out (and awesome).  Unfortunately, the universe releases of Dinobot and Cheetor were at best, poor, so hopefully they will do new toys of them.

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