Blog #352: Toy Reviews: Transformers eHobby Shattered Glass Soundwave vs. Blaster with Ratbat, Slugfest, Solarbot, Rewind, and Ramhorn

Transformers eHobby Shattered Glass Soundwave vs. Blaster with Ratbat, Slugfest, Solarbot, Rewind, and Ramhorn

After many months of waiting, and no shipping notice, The Transformers Collector Club eHobby






As this is an eHobby release and not a Fun Publications toy, we have been spared the oversized, overweight, and over expensive board game box.  This is very much a traditional Hasbro/Takara box with a flap on the front and gloss on all outer surfaces.  The front art is of all the toys included in the set and the back art is from the Botcon 2008 “One Generation Shattered” lithograph.  I like the way the inner box flap uses the G1 style grid.  Unfortunately, while the recolored the original box art for Soundwave and Blaster and used it on the box, which looks great, they did not do the same for the cassettes.  It would be so much better if they had.  The cassette art was recolored for the trading cards, but I like to see the toy art on the boxes, and that makes it even more silly that it was not on the box.

While I did not get a picture of it, a sticker sheet was included with the toys.  Unfortunately, there are no instructions included for where to put them.  eHobby has released videos of the toys that show where the stickers go.  This is the type of thing I expect from Fun Publications, not eHobby.





Ratbat has been recolored in dark blue.  He looks pretty good.  You will notice that on his chest are two stickers from the included sheet, black in the middle mostly surrounded by a yellow stripe.  They look nice, but if you’ll recall the pegs on Ratbat’s weapons are different from most cassette weapons.  They have a knob on the end that fills in the hole in Ratbat’s chest.  You have to be really careful putting his weapons on that they don’t push off the stickers.





Slugfest is one of my favorite cassettes.  I love the orange color, but I wish they had used white for his armor plates and legs.  The orange chrome weapons look fantastic.  You’ll notice he has two stickers from the included sheet.  The one on his head is a reference to something, but I’m not sure from where.  It’s some kind of restraining bolt that was put on him.  The other says “Dinocon,” which is apparently the team he belongs to.





Rewind looks great in red and white with silver chrome.  The blue on his legs are stickers from the sheet.  He also has a sticker on his back that says “Vinny’s Motors.”  This is a Transformers Generation 2 reference.







Ramhorn is nicely repainted in blue and gray.  He has two stickers from the sheet.  I’m not really sure what the gray one is supposed to be, but the other one says RIRRIB.  This is clearly meant to mean Ramhorn is red, Ramhorn is blue, a reference to the infamous FIRRIB/FIBRIR debate.





Solarbot is a repaint of Eject/Rewind.  He’s done in translucent yellow and white with silver chrome.  He looks nice, but I think he would have looked better with orange chrome and orange chrome weapons.  It would have given him a more “solar” look.  He has a sunburst sticker on his chest.




Soundwave is repainted into his Shattered glass colors from the G1 Soundblaster mold.  Note his chest door is deeper so he can hold two cassettes, the molding on the front of the door, and the thicker buttons are all traits of the Soundblaster mold.  He’s got a nice paint job, but his white face plate just seems off to be.  I wish they had done that in green.  All of his G1 stickers accept those on his guns are now tampos.  The gun stickers were factory applied.  He has some silly looking stickers from his sticker sheet on the front of his tape player mode.  He also has a headband.  This is made from a sticker which is folded over onto itself.  Unfortunately, they did not score the sticker down the center.  This makes it very difficult to fold it over squarely.  You need to start from one end and be very careful.  Mine didn’t come out quite perfect, but it’s pretty close.  It was tedious to do and I had to use a pair of teasers.  If they really wanted him to have the stupid headband they should have molded a plastic one or made a cardboard one.





I love Blaster’s colors.  He looks really great.  Like Soundwave, all of his G1 stickers are now tampos.  There are stickers on the sheet for him too.  The designs on his shoulders are stickers that wrap around on three sides so they are also visible in tape player mode.  He also has a sticker on his right shoulder, a half moon with something going through it.  This is probably a reference from the comic book that comes with the set, but since I don’t bother read Fun Publications fiction anymore, I have no idea.

Comic Book


Overall: It’s a cool set, if for no other reasons than they are G1 molds, G1 toys are the best, and we don’t get them that often.  Still, having said that, it feels overpriced to me.

Thanks for reading!

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