Blog #296: Toy Reviews: Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Legends Ravage & Rumble and Frenzy & Ratbat

Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Legends Ravage & Rumble and Frenzy & Ratbat

Normally I would review these in separate posts, but as they share one of the molds it made sense to double up.

Ravage & Rumble




Frenzy & Ratbat





Ratbat uses the same design as Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, but with a new head and new molding on most surfaces.  All of the “discs” have an auto transform feature, so that when the button on the bottom is pushed, all or part of them transform.  This works pretty well for Ratbat.  He looks decent in bat mode.  He comes with a plastic case that makes him look a lot more like a CD.  Since they won’t do tapes (which is understandable) this isn’t a bad option, and they have done it about as well as can be expected.


Ravage sucks, period.  I don’t even know what to say about it, it just looks terrible.  The disc design as well as the auto transform feature is obviously very limiting, but I can’t imagine they couldn’t come up with something better than this.

Frenzy & Rumble

Frenzy and Rumble use the same mold in different colors.  I really like this one, but it does have one problem.  After the auto transforming is done, they are not quiet transformed.  Their arms need to be flipped down at their sides and their feet need to be flipped out (and the feet aren’t molded properly, they flip out too far, and you have to put them in the right position so they can stand).  This means that if the feet ever become loose, they will not be able to stand up at all.

Overall:  While the Ravage is a complete bust, the others aren’t too bad.  Right now, there are only remolds planned as Autobot diss, Sundor repainted (and maybe remolded, I’m not certain) from the Laserbeak mold, Eject and Remind remolded and repainted from the Frenzy Rumble mold, and a remold and repaint of Ravage as Ramhorn and also Steeljaw.

Thanks for reading!

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