Blog #195: Toy Review: Transformers Kre-O Destruction Site Devastator (Devastator, Drill Bit, Hightower, Scavenger, & Scrapper)

Transformers Kre-O Battle for Energon

Please read this blog first with my overall thoughts on the second series of Kre-O sets.

Building Set Construction Site: The Constructions site consists of an unfinished building, a foreman’s office, some signs and a small cement mixer.  I just can’t find much use for any of these play sets, this one included.  They should have put more into the toys.

Building Set Devastator: Devastator looks awesome.  He is very well designed.  I wish he had one real hand rather than a claw.  They could have used a longer cord for the wrecking ball, which is true in all modes (more later).  I’m not really sure what the point of the claw on his shoulder is.  Would have been better to put a gun there, but that’s not a big deal.  The head sculpt is very G1 looking.  He’s very much a cross between G1 and Revenge of the Fallen Devastator.

Building Set Drill Bit: Drill Bit’s vehicle mode isn‘t great.  They were clearly at a loss for what to do with it, so they made a general construction vehicle and stuck a drill on the front.  The robot mode is nice accept that he has a very thin torso and nothing to cover up the joint in his midsection.  He is definitely the weakest of the four.

Building Set Hightower: Hightower is the best overall.  His robot mode is pretty great and he has far and away the best vehicle mode.  I just wish the cable holding wrecking ball on was longer.  There is another issue with the wrecking ball.  Not only is the cable too short but also in order to take it apart and rebuild the other modes, you can’t really knot the cord inside the ball.  The instructions tell you to just stick the end of the cord between the halves when you close it, but it doesn’t snap closed, so it doesn’t stay in very well.  They needed to redesign this in some way to make it removable and be able to completely take it apart.

Building Set Scavenger: Scavenger is a close second to Hightower.  His robot mode is really nice and I love the head sculpt.  The vehicle mode is awesomely designed.  Best of all, he has a serial number on the sides of the vehicle, “G1-1-9-8-5”.  Very cool.

Building Set Scrapper: Scrapper has a nice head sculpt, but not much more.  The robot mode is very plain and one hand being the scoop doesn’t work.  The vehicle mode feels half finished.  There should be a front and top to the cab, it shouldn’t just be open like that.

Kreons: The G1 Devastator Kreon is the highlight of the entire set.  Ironhide is also very nice, and we’ve been waiting for him since he showed up in the Kreo displays at Target.  (I’m glad I didn’t spend $300 on one to get the Ironhide!)  He also comes with a bunch of constructions workers.

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Blog #195: Toy Review: Transformers Kre-O Destruction Site Devastator (Devastator, Drill Bit, Hightower, Scavenger, & Scrapper)

  1. Armchair warrior needs food badly says:

    There’s no pic of the wrecking ball guy 🙂 Overall, I like the construction of this set, but I find myself wiching it was colored more like a certain Takara Brave construction set…. four vehicles with a ‘drill guy’ seem to match it better…

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