Blog #178: Toy Review: Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Commander Ironhide

The long overdue second wave of Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Commanders finally is hitting store shelves.  It includes, Nightwatch Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Ultra Magnus, and Dreadwing.

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Commander Ironhide

Vehicle Mode: Ironhide is a pickup, of course.  It would have been nice if his cannons could have mounted somewhere that they wouldn’t blow his cab to bits if fired, but I guess they couldn’t be bothered to put that much thought into the design.  The Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commander Ironhide also had issues with mouthing the cannon.  Otherwise, it’s not bad.  I just with they had made the truck all red instead of red and black.

Robot Mode: The robot mode looks nice, but it should have more red on it.  It’s like they couldn’t make their mind up between G1 and movie colors and decided to split the difference.

Overall: Ironhide is a decent if not spectacular toy.  What I find interesting is that he is one of very few toys based on non Transformers: Prime cartoon characters (at least he’s not in the cartoon yet).  Hot Shot and Dead End are the only others from the main lines that are currently out.  (You may recall that three of the legion toys did not carry the “Transformers: Prime” name.)  They seem to be making a conscious effort not to release a lot of non-show characters presumably thinking non show characters are less liely to sell.  I don’t have a problem with non-show characters as long as the toys are good.  One of the best toys in the entire Dark of the Moon line was Skyhammer, who was not in the movie.  What really keeps creating peg warmers isn’t non show characters, but over shipping of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime and repainting the same toy over and over while adding “Stealth”, “Nightwatch”, or some other qualifier to the name.  Hasbro would do well to learn from Hasbro Asia’s recent offerings.  Everyone in the USA has been going nuts over the Generations toys, so much so that Hasbro is bringing them here (much to my shock).  They are all based on existing characters, many of which are fan favorites, and most of which have new molding.  I understand completely the need to reuse molds, but if you do it with a head swap and/or as homage to existing characters they won’t warm the pegs.

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