Blog #139: Toy Review: Botcon 2012 Gigatron

Gigatron is a Botcon 2012 Invasion Box Set Exclusive.

Botcon Universe: Classicverse

Mold Used: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon (With a New Head)

Name Origin: The original Gigatron/Devil Gigatron was the Japanese English name for the Predacon leader in the Car Robots series.  Later, Gigatron was the name given to the Transformers Heroes of Cybertron PVC based on the Japanese G1 character Overlord.  Overlord could not be used for trademark reasons.  The toy is meant to be based on G1 Overlord.  Got it?  Clear as mud, right?

I previously reviewed this toy based on the pictures released on the Botcon web site.  You can read that blog here.

I have lots of issues with this one.  Let’s start with the head.  It’s too big.  It’s a nice mold, and it does look, in general, like the head of G1 Overlord.  It’s just off somehow.  The eyes are too small, and the face is too big.  Overall, the head looks a little bit too large for the toy.

My main problem with this toy is that they used the wrong mold.  I know that when you do an homage toy, you can’t always make it perfect.  There was no way for Metalhawk to be a Pretender for example.  What kills me about this one is that the perfect mold exists and they didn’t use it.  Overlord had two components, a tank and a jet.  Energon Megatron (the Japanese Voyager version) would have been the perfect mold.  It was both a jet and had a tank.  Of course, it’s possible they couldn’t use that mold, but to me, doing him with only half of his correct vehicle mode like this wasn’t worth it.  It would have been better not to do it at all.

All of that aside, he is pretty well detailed, with nice colors.  They should have painted the blades of the swords silver though.

Additionally, he seems to be suffering from major quality control issues.  First off, his legs pop off at the knees if you look at them funny.  I had the same problem with Transformers: Dark of the Moon Bludgeon and Transformers 2010 Banzaitron, so this is a Hasbro design issue.  Somewhere along the way, Hasbro should have done something to fix the mold, and Fun Publications should de a better job selecting molds so they don’t use ones with inherent flaws.  Additionally, both my Gigatron, and the one I picked up for my friend in a loose set, were misassembled, and unlike the problem with my Metalhawk (click here for details) this can’t be fixed without destroying the toy.

As you can see from the picture, the left hip joint is smooth inside, while the right hip joint is geared.  This means that when you move his right leg out to the side (making his feet farther apart) it ratchets.  When you make the same motion with the left one, it just moves smoothly.  Now, a good question is, which way is correct?  I can’t put my hands on my Bludgeon, but my Banzaitron has both legs showing the gear and ratcheting.  The reason I’m not 100% sure this is correct, is because of his feet.  On this mold, the feet are set at an angle, so he must stand with his feet apart.  Problem is, the ratcheting makes it impossible to make the bottoms of his feet parallel with the surface he’s standing on.  Either his legs are too close together and he’s standing on the outside edges of his feet, or they are too close together and he’s standing on the inside edges of his feet. Whichever way it’s supposed to be, the two of these I’ve seen are both wrong.

I’d be curious to hear from others who have this toy about how theirs is put together.  Considering how much this toy cost, I’m tempted to ask Fun Publications to replace it since it is defective.  But honestly, does anyone think they’re going to do that?  I highly doubt it.

Grade: F

Update:  Thanks to Defensis Prime on Autocon for pointing this out.  There is a thread on the AllSpark forums about this, and a second incorrect assembly that I didn’t notice.

The knees are installed backwards on at least some Gigatrons.  The picture above shows what the knee and back of the knee should look like, but on many the kneecap is on the back.

Is it possible to lower my grade for this steaming pile of slag?

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Blog #139: Toy Review: Botcon 2012 Gigatron

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  2. Dom says:

    The head sculpt is based on Nick Roche’s art from “Last Stand of the Wreckers”. Maybe the proportions have “Beavis and Butthead” syndrome, (not translating well between a flat image and a 3-dimensional sculpt)?

    The real issue with the head, (besides the fact that it is too big to fit in the cavity without scraping), is that the new sculpt does not look right on the base figure. It looks like the sort of customizing that a kid would do.

    On a wholy selfish level however, I am happy that the Overlord figure came out so badly. If it were a better rendition of the character, I would feel obligated to buy one on eBay. (Thanks for helping me save money Fun Publications!)


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