Blog #30: Has It Really Been A Year?

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

One year ago today I posted my first blog.  It’s been fun.  I seem to be getting more hits lately.  Don’t be shy, leave a comment and say hi.  Sometimes I wonder if the hits are all just web bots.

Anyway, I have three more blogs going up today or tomorrow, reviews of The Three Musketeers and Puss in Boots, as well as a review of the new Television season which I should have done weeks ago.  A few things first, though.

Theo is gone.  When I first heard that the Red Sox GM was deserting the sunken ship, I was a bit pissed.  However, when I found out that he was going to be the Cubs’ President, a big step up from GM, I really can’t blame him.  He was likely never going to get that job here, since I don’t think Larry Lucchino is going anywhere anytime soon.  It’s not every day when you have a chance at that job in a major market.  I’ve always had a soft spot for the Cubs.  If the Red Sox don’t win the World Series next year, I hope the Cubs do, and if Theo can say he brought World Series to both the Red Sox and Cubs, he will have to be considered one of the great GM’s in the history of baseball.  (Though since the Red Sox are going to win the World Series next year, the Cubs will be out of luck for the time being.)

It is being reported that J.J. Abrams has selected Benicio del Toro to be the villain in the as yet untitled sequel to Star Trek.  Who could he be playing?  I can’t be the only one thinking Khan.  I both want it to be and I don’t.  Start Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is my favorite movie of all time.  I have to wonder, would they do the movie with the Space Seed story and set up a future movie with the TWOK plot?  This movie should have come out in 2012, but still had no new release date.  This franchise should be coming out every two years.  I don’t know what is taking so long.

Speaking of movies that have taken too long to be made.  Am I the only once concerned about the lack of information concerning a fourth Transformers movie?  We heard from official sources that they were looking at another trilogy continuing from where they left off, but nothing since.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they will take three years this time, but I would think we’d be getting some information about it by now.  There were rumors last month of conversations taking place that included Michael Bay, but bay said his involvement wasn’t true.  Not sure if any of it was true.

Lastly, here’s the Transformers ArtifactS of the week.

This is a 2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Chocolate Easter Egg with Yo-Yo.  It was available in Australia and was manufactures by Park Avenue Foods.  A very neat item.  I haven’t seen another, but I’m sure they were probably common in Australia when they came out.

And here’s a bonus.

Just got these from a friend of mine this week.  This is artist Dan Khanna’s original art used on the Botcon 2000 convention T-Shirt.  Haven’t even got these up on the site yet.  The irony is, I don’t even have a Botcon 2000 shirt (in any of the four colors).  In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the only Botcon convention t-shirt I don’t have.  Anyone got any?

You can find these and over 7000 other Transformers artifact at

Thanks for reading!

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I’m 36 years old, and I work in network tech support for a public school system. I am a huge fan of Star Trek, Transformers, Harry Potter, and Marvel Comics as well as numerous other fandoms. I’m a big sports fan, especially the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. I collect toys (mostly Transformers but other stuff too), comic books, and Red Sox baseball cards. I watch an obscene amount of television and love going to the movies. I am hopelessly addicted to Wizard Rock and I write Harry Potter Fanfiction, though these days I am working on a couple of different original YA novels.
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1 Response to Blog #30: Has It Really Been A Year?

  1. Armchair Warrior needs food badly says:

    I can see it now: AbramsTrek II, the Search for Schlock. I’ll gladly pay you 9 dollars on tuesday for a trek movie today… there seems to be a lot of hate from our more traditional old school trek bretheren, but as a fan of any and all things trek myself, I don’t see the problem. Much like the transformers, or the power rangers, or the hulk, or anything else in any fandom, we’re going to see the inevitable reboot. Not for artistic integrity, No. For money. If we also happen to get a good product, so much the better. I happened to like the first one. Maybe he’ll do right by us again. Or not. I guess we’ll see. Anything goes, since this isn’t ‘our’ original trek universe.

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