Blog #18: God Bless Television!

I’ve got movie reviews (Kung Fun Panda 2 and The Hangover, Part II with spoilers, but not really major ones in my opinion), a wrap up of the 2010-2011 television season (warnings before all spoilers), and a brief preview of movies coming out in June, but first a few Transformers and sports related items.

Boston Red Sox:

How good are the Red Sox!  It took 59 games, but the Red Sox, after starting off with the worst record in baseball, have finally pulled into first place in the American League East, with the fifth best record in all of baseball.  The offense is now doing what we expected them to do all along, beast the crap out of apposing pitching, and Pedroia still hasn’t gotten going yet.  When he does…look out.  Hopefully this will take some pressure off him.

I must admit I was a little worried when both Lackey and Matsuzaka went down, but Alfredo Aceves and Tim Wakefield are pitching great.  It will be interesting to see what happens when Lackey gets back in a couple of weeks.  Tim Wakefield is the logical choice to go back into the pen.  He can go back in and make a spot start whenever necessary with that magic arm of his.  Here’s the one problem with that.  Wakefield is six wins away from 200 for his career.  I would like to see the Red Sox keep him in the rotation as long as Matsuzaka is out, or at least until he gets his 200th win.  Wakefield deserves it.  Obviously, if he starts pitching poorly, you need to go to Aceves, but unless that happens, I think as the oldest player to ever play for the Red Sox, he has earned it.

Boston Bruins:

I’m not a huge hockey fan, I can’t find the puck on the ice most of the time, and to me it seems they spend most of their time hacking at each other with their sticks, but when the Bruins are in the playoffs, I pay attention, and after an incredible game seven, they get to play for the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1990.  My Dad loved hockey and I could almost hear him screaming his head off during game 7.  Good luck, Bruins, bring the cup home!

Transformers Artifact of the Week:

I just got this item this week.  It’s a 35mm film of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer #1.  I don’t have anything like this and was really excited to get it.  It’s not up on my site yet, but you can find 7000+ other Transformers items at

Transformers Toys:

I picked up a few new Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys this week.

Cyberverse Commanders Powerglide and Blackout:

Powerglide is just plain awesome. (Or should I say PLANE awesome.) 🙂  Someone at Hasbro clearly has a soft spot for him, as this is the second homage to the Generation One Mini-Car plane.  This toy is the best of the Cyberverse Commanders yet, which is really saying something since all of them are fantastic.  That includes the other one I got this week, Blackout, a very nice addition to this new class of toys that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  His coolest feature is the Scorponok that becomes his gun.

“And awaaa-aaa-aay we go!” – Powerglide

Cyberverse Action Sets Optimus Prime & Megatron:

WOW!  I assumed these were similar to the wave 1 toys, Bumblebee and Starscream legion figures with a transforming vehicle, but they are completely different.  Both are the standard Cyberverse Commander toys sporting altered paint jobs (I think, I didn’t have a chance to compare them) but instead of the accessories they come with in the single packs, they each have a trailer that transformers into a base or armor.  I picked mine up on, but have since seen them at a couple of Toys R Us stores.  Interestingly, both stores had lots of Bumblebee and Starscream sets on the lower shelves, but the Optimus Prime and Megatron sets were all on the upper shelf.  Most likely, whoever unpacked the boxes didn’t bother to notice that they were different sets, so check all the shelves.  I highly recommend these, they are great toys.

Wave 2 of the Cyberverse Legions:

Mudflap and Ratchet I thought were repaints at first, Ratchet of the toy from the first two movies and Mudflap from the RotF and the first wave of DotM Skids, but a couple of my friends pointed out that these are in fact completely new molds.  I’ve got to dig out my toys fro the last movie, but I believe they are right.  These are new molds.  It makes me wonder if the ones I thought were repaints from the first series (Barricade and Skids) are remolds or new toys.

A Bumblebee was also included in Wave 2, who I believe is a repaint of the old Movie Bumblebee Legend, the Wave 1 Bumblebee was a new mold.  What’s really annoying is that all the information I’ve seen from Hasbro calls this “Bolt” Bumblebee.  The package doesn’t say that anywhere, but it does have a different bio from the Wave 1 Bumblebee.

The two new characters in the wave are Crowbar and Leadfoot.  This is our first look at either of these characters.  Crowbar is a car done all in black save for the front side of his rearview mirrors, which are red on one side and blue on the other.  This makes me think he must be a police car.  It probably says in his bio, but I didn’t read them.

Leadfoot is a Target sponsored NASCAR car.  I’ve heard some rumors that the deluxe version will be a Target Exclusive.  (I hope not, as it will be quite amusing finding it at Wal-Mart.)  This version, like Deluxe Topspin is with weapons and armor deployed.

I hope we get both weapons deployed and weapons not deployed vehicle versions of all three NASCAR vehicles in both Legion and Deluxe scale.  I haven’t seen Human Alliance Roadbuster yet (he ships in wave 2), but he seems to be sold out from all online retailers offering preorders already.  With such fanfare surrounding these three NASCAR vehicles, I hope we get Leadfoot and Topspin as Human Alliance toys as well.

I picked up a couple of DotM Wal-Mart exclusives.  The Legion 3-Pack contains repaints of Bumblebee, Soundwave, and Classics Rodimus.  A nice set, and I really like the color scheme on Rodimus.  Bumblebee looks gold on the package, but the toy is more brown than gold.  A nice set, especially for $10.

I also got the Voyager Optimus Prime (repaint of Transformers 2010 Voyager Battle Blades Optimus Prime) and a repaint of Transformers movie one Landmine in white called Comettor.  Both have nice paintjobs, but my Optimus had a defective part.  The plastic plate with the Matrix on his chest folds down inside and there is a notch on the back that allows it to get far enough in to push his head down.  That part was mis-molded, and wouldn’t fold down all the way.  I worked on it with a utility knife for a minute, and managed to cut away the glob of plastic that was in the way.  I’m a little curious if this was just one random one or actual mold degradation.

Now, on to the movies.

The Hangover, Part II:


Maybe not quite as good as the first, but it was really, really funny.  My only disappointment is that for the second time, Topher Grace was basically relegated to a bit part, as he was in the first one.  I kind of thought it would have been fun to have him more involved in the hilarity after missing out on it last time.  Go see it and laugh hysterically.


Kung Fu Panda 2:


Much darker and with much more action than the first film, it still retained all the comedy that made the first one great.  They did a nice job setting up the third film at the end, and also explained something that I just dismissed as unimportant in the first movie, how is it that a goose has a son who is a panda?  All the flashbacks are done in traditional animation, instead of CGI, that looks great.  The only thing I don’t know is why they changed the name of the movie to “Kung Fu Panda 2” instead of the original name that was announced, “Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom”.  The only thing I could think of is that the name was too comical for a movie that was actually quite deep, especially in its darker moments.  I loved it, go see it!


2010-2011 Television Season Wrap Up:

Well, another television season is over, and I thought I’d take a quick look back at all the shows I’ve watched this year.  I have specific comments on most of them, but will warn you if they contain spoilers.

One and Done For The Best:
$#*! My Dad Says
The Cape
The Good Guys
The Whole Truth

Lets face it; the above shows never had a chance.  While I loved “The Cape” and “$#*! My Dad Says”, I knew during the first episodes that they would be canceled.

I really wanted to love “The Good Guys”, Bradley Whitford is always great, but it just wasn’t that…well…good.

I really thought “Undercovers” and “The Whole Truth” had a chance to make it and was surprised that they only laster a handful of episodes.  I feel like they may have pulled the plug on The Whole Truth much too quick, as they also did with “Chaos”.  I didn’t really get into it in the few episodes that were aired, but I think I would have in time.

One and Done and it REALLY Sucks:
The Chicago Code
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
The Defenders
Detroit 1-8-7
Law & Order: LA
No Ordinary Family
Off The Map
The Event

(Some spoilers for canceled shows, but as they are canceled, I’m not too worried.)

This is the category I really hate.  Shows that were never really given a chance.  “The Chicago Code” and “Detroit 1-8-7” are two of the best cop shows since “NYPD Blue”.  NBC f*cks us over with “The Event” the way ABC did last season with “Flash Forward” by canceling it on a cliffhanger, and worse yet, telling us before the finale aired so we couldn’t even enjoy the prospect of what would come next.

“No Ordinary Family”, “Chase”, “Off the Map”, and “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” had huge potential.  “Outlaw” was never given a chance to get off the ground; the second time Jimmy Smits has had a series axed early in recent years (“Cane”, 2007).

I admit, I didn’t really get into “Law & Order: LA” at first.  I like Skeet Ulrich (he was awesome in the short lived series “Jericho”) but he just didn’t seem to fit as an LA cop.  I’ve really enjoyed the series since it returned from Hiatus and Alfred Molina has become a detective.  This one isn’t over yet, with a number of episodes still to air, and I am crossing my fingers that they resolve Ulrich’s character’s murder, and at least finish that major story line.

“Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” ended on a huge cliffhanger that left me yelling at the television knowing we’d never find out what happens.  I give lots of credit to the writers of “Detroit 1-8-7”, “The Chicago Code”, and “No Ordinary Family”, for at least planning a resolution to the major story lines so we aren’t left feeling cheated as has happened with so many freshman and sophomore series (see “The Event”, “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior”, “Flash Forward”, “V”, and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” just to name a few).

Favorites Taken Too Soon:
Human Target
Lie To Me

I loved these shows, and they are gone far too soon.  “V” (as previously mentioned) left us with a cliffhanger that shall never be resolved.  As far as “Human Target” and “Lie To Me” go, I HATE FOX!!!!!!!!!!  I try to make it a point NOT to watch shows on FOX because they almost always get canceled too soon, but I keep getting sucked in, and I’m not just talking about “Human Target”, “Lie To Me”, and the previously mentioned “The Chicago Code”.  “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, “John Doe”, “Tru Calling”, “Brimstone”, “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.”, and of course “Firefly”, were all murdered by the idiocy of FOX executives.  I am still watching “Glee”, “Bones”, and “Fringe”, and must grudgingly add “The Finder” next year because it is a “Bones” spin off and stars Michael Clark Duncan who is awesome.  The one time I didn’t let myself be sucked in by a FOX show that looked good was “House”, and of course, that’s one of the few that made it.  Figures.

Old Favorites Who’s Time Has Come:
Brothers & Sisters
Friday Night Lights

(Some spoilers for canceled shows, but as they are canceled, I’m not too worried.)

All good things must come to and end (as Q once said…and others probably). 🙂  It is unfortunately true.  It really felt like “Medium”, as much as I loved it, has been living on borrowed time since it was axed by NBC and moved to CBS.  “Brothers & Sisters” had its best years behind it.

As much as I love “Smallville”, it was time to end and let Clark move on to his destiny as Superman.  I loved the end of Smallville.  It was a near perfect ending.  (My only complaint it that I wanted a Lex versus Clark ending, and I thought it was a little too easy defeating Darkseid, small things in the grand scheme.)  I just wish my Dad was still around to see it, he used to love that show.  I remember during the first season, I kept trying to reconcile the show with the Superman mythos I knew.  Once I put that aside, I really got into it.

“Friday Night Lights” isn’t quite over, but soon will be.  I said right from the beginning, the problem with that show (and I think this applies to “Glee”, too) is that once the main characters graduate, they will try to keep at least some of them involved, but it will get more forced as time goes on, and the new kids, as great as they might be, will never live up to the originals.  That is exactly what is happening.  As this is a theory that is not based on anything but my opinion, I don’t consider it a spoiler, but I think we know how the season will end.  The Lions will win the state championship, probably while knocking off the Panthers (who we haven’t heard a word from this season so it might be that with their loss at the end of last season and the shows impending cancellation they didn’t want to pay those actors and we won’t be seeing them again), and that will be that.  If I could have one thing happen before its over that I don’t think will happen, I want Matt to come back and get back together with Julie.  I loved that storyline; the backup QB who’s never really played becomes a star while dating the coach’s daughter.  Only on television.  (That’s actually the second thing I want, the first is for Tim Riggins to return for at least the last few episodes, because he is the best character from the whole series, but according to IMDB, that one will really happen!)

New Shows Renewed:
Blue Bloods
Body of Proof
Harry’s Law
Hawaii Five-O

It hardly seems possible that with all the new shows this year, these are the only four that have been renewed for another season.

Blue Bloods:


Credit to “Blue Bloods” writers for at least giving us an ending in case the show was canceled.  It was great to see that they finally solved Joe’s murder, and can hopefully move on from that cloud that seemed to linger over them all season.  I really enjoyed this show, and it has such a great cast, how could it not succeed?


Body of Proof:

I like Dana Delaney and Jeri “7 of 9” Ryan (who is actually a 10 out of 10…Star Trek humor). 🙂  Unlike the “CSI” franchise and shows like them, this show is set around the medical examiner and not the crime scene investigators.  Sort of like “Quincy, M.E.” for a new generation.  (For the record, I remember it from reruns, I’m old, but not THAT old.)

Harry’s Law:

I really want to love this show.  Don’t get me wrong, Kathy Bates as Harry Korn is fantastic.  I love her closing arguments, they remind me of Alan Shore’s great closings from “Boston Legal” that made you stop whatever you were doing to pay attention.  Brittany Snow as Jenna Backstrom (better known as 1960’s High School student Meg Pryor on the far too short lived series “American Dreams”) is also great.  That however is the sum total that I like about the cast.  Christopher McDonald who plays Tommy Jefferson seems to play the same character he almost always plays, a sleazy lawyer.  (The one exception being his appearance as Lieutenant Richard Castillo of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C in the epic masterpiece of storytelling that was one of the best “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episodes ever, “Yesterday’s Enterprise.)  Sure, he has had his moments when he becomes human on this show, but I find myself preferring episodes when he doesn’t show up at all and I just don’t see Nate Corddry playing a lawyer.  I do like the show and hope it continues, but if NBC were smart (pause for laughter after they canceled “The Event”) they would tweak the cast a little.

Hawaii Five-O:


I don’t know what to expect next season from “Hawaii Five-O”.  I really don’t.  Somehow they must clear Steve and Kona and get Five-O back together.  I really hope things don’t fall apart form Dano and his wife, but I’m afraid they will.


All The Rest:
The Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds
CSI Miami
Desperate Housewives
The Good Wife
Grey’s Anatomy
Law & Order: SVU
The Mentalist
Private Practice

Nineteen shows have been renewed who have just completed anywhere from their second season (“Glee”, “The Good Wife”, “NCIS: LA”, and “Parenthood”) up to their twelfth (“Law & Order: SVU”).  Here’s a few thoughts on each, spoiler warnings where necessary.

The Big Bang Theory:


“The Big Bang Theory” is the only sitcom I watch.  How could I not?  It’s like my life only without the fancy job and with at least a few more social skills.  I kind of figured that Leonard and Priya wouldn’t last, but I never saw Raj and Penny ending up in bed together.  I can’t wait for next season.




This has to have been the best season of “Bones” yet and with the revelation that Bones is pregnant with Booth’s child, next season should be really interesting.  Also in the finale was the birth of Angela and Hodgins child.  Did anyone really think that the baby would be blind?  It would have made for a few great story lines, but it would have gotten old eventually.




I really liked Captain Montgomery and am sad to see him go.  It never even occurred to me that his announcing his retirement and then Beckett telling Castle that he does it all the time was foreshadowing his departure.  After Montgomery was killed, the ending really didn’t surprise me.  The real question is, what happens next?  Here is my theory.  We all know that Beckett can’t be dead.  However, I wouldn’t be shocked if next season opened on her funeral, and I can almost guarantee that someone will comment on how she wanted the wake to be “closed casket”.  She will obviously not be dead and searching for the person who wants her dead so that she can find them and then come out of hiding.  What I’m less sure of is how long it will take.  If Captain Montgomery was still around, I think it could go on for a few episodes, with Castle working with Ryan and Esposito, but with the Captain gone, there is no reason to believe that whoever is going to be the knew Captain would want anything to do with Castle, and it would be hard to justify it if they did.  I think it will go something like this.  In the first episode Castle is informed by the new boss that his services are no longer required, and he works unofficially with Ryan and Esposito to find Beckett’s “killer”, only to find she is alive and together find whoever wants her dead.  This could happen over one or two episodes, maybe three at the most.  If they somehow justify Castle staying with the unit, then I think it would be a similar scenario, but could go on for a number of episodes with hints here and there that Beckett is still alive.  I will be really disappointed if in the premier she’s fine.  She needs to be “dead” at least for a little while.




“Chuck” had the feeling of a series finale, right up to when Morgan got the Intersect.  It felt like the end was tacked on and the original intent was to have Sarah wake up, series over.  Since they were renewed for another half season, I am leaving open the possibility that everything that’s happened since Chuck returned with the cure for Sarah is a dream Sarah is having and at the end of this half season, she’ll wake up, they’ll get married and be reinstated as spies, the end.  While this is what I think, I acknowledge a 90% chance I’m completely wrong.


Criminal Minds:

“Criminal Minds” is one of my favorite shows, and it just keeps getting better.  Nothing spoiler-wise to say, but I really wish they could get Mandy Patinkin to make a guest appearance.  I was not happy that he left after season three, though I think Joe Mantegna has been great.  I’d just like to see him again; Jason Gideon was a great character.  Lastly, I’m not considering it a spoiler since the episode was on about ten weeks ago, but I can’t wait for Prentiss to come back.  That should be interesting.



I am very happy that we are done with the Nate Haskell story line.  It will be interesting to see what happens next season, and the finale was a cliffhanger of sorts, but in some ways it doesn’t matter.  Haskell is dead.  What happens to Ray is secondary.  As much as I’ve enjoyed Laurence Fishburne on the show, it would make my day if William L. Petersen would come back.


CSI: Miami:


I don’t know what’s going to happen next season.  If they kill off Natalia, I’ll be a bit surprised, but I’m not sure how Horatio is going to save her.


CSI: New York:


This felt so much like a series finale that I was shocked to see it on the fall schedule.  I really thought this was the end for “CSI: New York” having already been banished to the abyss that is Friday night.  I’m glad it’s not ending, but if Mac isn’t leaving the series, there need to be a pretty good reason why he’s staying.


Desperate Housewives:

As always, “Desperate Housewives” was entertaining all season long.  I’m just beginning to wonder how much shelf life it really has left.  There was no real cliffhanger this year, and I guess we’ll have to see what the repercussions are from this episode.  I’m kind of wishing this one would end, but I’m probably in the minority, it seems here to stay for a while.


All I have to say about “Fringe” is that if FOX had canceled it after that amazing cliffhanger, my head would have exploded.



Glee has gone down hill.  It ended with one of the worst episodes ever.  This might be the most unbelievable show on television.  For a group of students who “care” so much about Nationals, none of them seem to give a damn that they lost.  I don’t expect them to spend the whole episode crying over it, but at the end of the episode, they didn’t even seem to care at all.  At least a large portion of the students will graduate next year.  I’m hoping they end it then rather than replace departing characters with new ones, while making excuses to keep the old characters around.  Go out on top, and not relegated to being a summer series and forgotten about like “Friday Night Lights”.


The Good Wife:

This is a great show and it will be interesting to see what repercussions the season finale has going forward.

Grey’s Anatomy:

One of my favorite shows, but the season finale was a real letdown after the incredible finale last season.

Law & Order: SVU:

Not much to say about this.  The season finale was so blatantly an anti-handgun message it was kind of ridiculous.  I don’t mind shows tackling issues, but this was not only ridiculously obvious, but I could see the end coming for half the episode.

The Mentalist:


Oh.  My.  God.  This is my favorite season finale of the year, hands down.  It should have occurred to me that it was Van Pelt’s fiancé was the one working with Red John.  I was sure it had to be LaRoche, but this make sense since it paves the way for Rigsby and Van pelt to get back together down the road.

All of that was secondary to the last scene though.  I really wasn’t sure what would happen when Jane confronted Red John (who was played so well by Bradley Whitford), but I wasn’t expecting that he would shoot him a bunch of times, sit down to drink his tea, and then ask for the check.  I did assume that sooner or later Jane would kill Red John (if this actually was Red John, the possibility can’t be dismissed that he wasn’t really Red John), but what Jane did afterward…wow…I have to wonder if next season will start with him being released from a mental hospital.  I don’t think they can possibly charge him with murder, but you never know.  In any case, he would get off on temporary insanity.  I assume the only way he goes back to the CBI is if Hightower and LaRoche (who thinks Jane has something MAJOR on him) go to bat for him.  Really hard to know what happens next season, I can’t wait for this one!




I’ve loved this show since the beginning even more than I loved JAG from which it was spun off.  I will say they really did a nice job setting up next season without it being a real cliffhanger.  Who is the spy in NCIS?  I am pretty sure it can’t be any of our regulars, but who knows?

As season finales go, it was good, but not as amazing as “The Mentalist”.  The real problem with “NCIS” finales is that no matter how good they are, they will never ever possibly live up to the finale of season 2 (Twilight).  These days, if someone is going to die in a show, I nearly always hear about it ahead of time, and that’s fine.  I’m not one to get all upset about spoilers, knowing in advance doesn’t take away from my enjoyment. (All the spoiler alerts are just for all the people who I know do get upset.)  However, I had no idea that Sasha Alexander was leaving the series.  When she took the bullet for Gibbs in the vest, and then Tony and Gibbs got her back on her feet only to be shot between the eyes seconds before the episode ended, I nearly jumped out of my chair.  I was watching it with my dad, and he yelled in surprise and my mom downstairs thought something was wrong.  That episode makes it hard to think of any other “NCIS” finale as really memorable by comparison.  Not really relevant to now, but whatever.




What an ending!  There are so many questions, but I think it is pretty clear that next season G will finally find out who he is.  We have a pretty good idea he is the last of a Romanian crime family at war with the Comescu family and that Hetty is a member of the Comescu family!  Of course, only time will tell if this is true, but I think it’s a safe bet that Hetty has known exactly who G is all along.  I’m afraid that won’t sit well with him (not that I can blame him).  I am a little intrigued about who Agent Hunter is but my money is on her either being Hetty’s daughter or G’s sister (or both…that would be interesting…thought doubtful).  I can’t wait for next season.




I kind of thought this one might get canceled.  Some of the plots are getting a bit tiresome.  How long will it be before Adam finally accepts that Max will never be like other kids?  He keeps deluding himself into thinking that eventually everything will change.  It’s getting old.  At least we don’t have to hear about his crazy boss anymore.  Sooner or later he had to leave the shoe company, and fortunately, he has.  Should be interesting next season with Crosby and Jasmine likely getting back together.  I don’t know, I was kind of getting board with some of the predictable things, like Max’s Asperger’s (in real life it is of course, very serious, I’m speaking in terms of a TV show) and Kristina being predictably ridiculous about almost everything in every episode.  Sarah apparently becoming a playwright could prove interesting next season.  I like the show, but I think they need some fresh storylines.


Private Practice:


Last season the practice was divided by Maya’s pregnancy and the custody battle over Lucas, which led to the predictable (in my opinion) death in the finale of Dell, the only thing that was going to bring everyone back together.  Now, at the end of this season, we have everyone divided over the practice being investigated and Pete and Violet apparently heading to split up after she leaves for her book tour.  It kind of feels like we ended in the same place as last year, just without the death to unify them.  Maybe it’s just me, but I felt it a letdown, just like “Grey’s Anatomy”.  I suppose not every season can end on a super dramatic life and death event, but it would be nice.


In August, I’ll give you my thoughts on the new shows coming out for the fall season.

Wow, that’s really long.  If you’re still reading, THANK YOU, it’s nice to know that at least this wasn’t for nothing.  (If these words are never read…well…whatever.)

Lastly, there are four HUGE (err…technically FIVE) movies coming out in June.  The previews of “X-Men: First Class” look incredible, and I especially like that we’ll get to see at least some brief snippets of some of the characters as they grow up as mutants before joining up with Charles and Eric (or at least it seems so from the previews).  The effects look top notch, and I really can’t wait until next weekend. I won’t say who it is, but there is a major cameo.  It was meant to be secret, but has already gotten out. (June 3rd)

“Super 8” looks interesting.  I’ve always like Kyle Chandler (“Early Edition”, “Friday Night Lights”, “King Kong”) and I kind of like that we still don’t know exactly what is in the train they keep showing in the trailer being broken open from the inside.  An alien seems the obvious choice (E.T. for 2011?), but who knows?  It should be great.  (June 10th)

I am not a reader of DC Comics, I am a devoted disciple of the House of Ideas (a Marvel Comics fan if you didn’t figure that out), but I’ve always loved the DC movies.  I have great memories of the Superman movies when I was a kid and have really enjoyed all the Batman movies and the DC graphic novels that have found their way to the big screen.  All I know about “Green Lantern” is bits and pieces, but I must say, this movie looks AWESOME!  I can’t wait for it.  (June 17th)

If you haven’t seen “Cars”, see it and then see “Cars 2”.  The first one was funny and while I don’t think it is as good as other animated movies (“Shrek” and its sequels come to mind) it is well worth seeing.  (June 24th)

It was recently announced that Transformers: Dark of the Moon would be moved up from July 1st to June 29th.  Do I really need to say anything about this?  I think it’s a virtual lock to be the highest grossing movie of the year and I can’t wait to see it.  The week before it comes out, I’ll do a proper preview, and of course, look for my extensive in depth review of the biggest movie of the year on June 30th.

Thanks for reading!

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