Blog #2375: Toy Review: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Flex Changer Cheetor

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Flex Changer Cheetor

Flex Changers are smaller than Deluxe Class toys, but larger than Core Class, probably analogous to Scout Class, but have a transforming gimmick where a flexible band of plastic connects all the parts and you kind of turn the robot inside out to transform them.


Cheetor looks pretty good in robot mode. Not spectacular, but I love the paint apps and overall design. Unfortunately, in beast mode he really needs to lose a few pounds. This gimmick works great with car alt modes, but beasts, not so much.

Overall: I will give this to Flex Changers. The engineering is impressive and they are one of Hasbro’s more interesting gimmicks in recent years. That the gimmick leaves big holes in the alt mode is unfortunate. It would be hard to call any of the toys particularly great in either mode, but I am kind of fascinated by how they transform. I would say it’s worth picking up at least one of them just to fiddle with the neat engineering of it, but they are $17 each at Walmart. That’s way too expensive. This is a $10 toy, $12 at the absolute most. I do not believe they are exclusive to Walmart, but I have yet to see them at Target, so perhaps they will be more reasonably priced there.

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