Blog #2343: Toy Review: Micro Machines Transformers Mystery Pack Micro Playset & Vehicle Series 2 (Brawl, Grindor, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Stealth Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Sentinel Prime)

Micro Machines Transformers Mystery Pack Micro Playset & Vehicle Series 2 (Brawl, Grindor, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Stealth Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Sentinel Prime)

Jazwares has resurrected the Micro Machines brand under license from Hasbro. Target is the only store I can find that carries them.

Each Mystery Pack says Transformers on one side, and has the standard Micro Machines logo on the reverse. Only six of the twelve different sets contain a Transformers character. There are six different playsets. In series one the six Transformers come with one of only four of them, with two repeats, and I thought it was really crappy that they didn’t make some more sticker sets so you could get all six playsets with the six Transformers. Series 2 only has three different playsets that come with Transformers. Talk about going in the wrong direction.

Each playset is made up of four rectangular and two square interlocking panels that form a box with the parts and vehicle inside. The panels differ from set to set. Pretty brilliant engineering, though popping them apart seems to put a lot of strain on very thin tabs, and I worry that with a lot of use they may break. I would frankly rather have had a six pack of the vehicles and no playsets at all. On a positive note, the stickers are very high quality and seem to stay in place.


Brawl is now in his “Deep Desert” camo, though they could not be bothered to give him that name, he’s just Brawl.


I guess Grindor is a slightly different color than Blackout, but if you handed one of them to me, I would have no idea which one it was.

Brawl-Grindor Playset

The playset that comes with Brawl and Grindor is meant to be a rocket base. It’s a pretty crappy rocket base. There really isn’t much to it at all.


The lone G1 in this series id Jazz, and he looks pretty great. I am fairly certain he is a repaint of another car and is not the vehicle, but at leas the paint job is great.

Optimus Prime

Optimius Prime is likely meant to be Stealth Optimus Prime, but like Brawl, they couldn’t be bothered to include his full name. I do like the blue flames on black look.

Jazz-Optimus Prime Playset

This playset appears to be a constructions site. I guess that make sense for Optimus Prime, but not for Jazz. This really should have come with construction vehicles.


Ratchet is a translucent version of Movie Ratchet. He looks pretty cool.

Sentinel Prime

Sentinel Prime has been repainted to match Ratchet’s color scheme, which would make more sense if Ratchet was not translucent, but whatever. He looks pretty good in these colors.

Ratchet-Sentinel Prime Playset

This playset is a fire station, so this one makes sense.

Overall: They really need to start doing more G1 characters. There are so many to do, stop doing movie repaints.

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