Blog #2278: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Flamewar & Fireglide

Transformers: Generations: Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Flamewar & Fireglide

The Ghost of Fun Pub still haunts us. Each Shattered Glass toy came with an exclusive comic giving them an excuse to overcharge for these toys. All were $9-$12 over retail for a $5 comic. These should have just been done as Selects without the comics for retail price, or better yet, not at all.


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The first couple of versions of this mold had paint apps, and now it’s just plastic. This is just sad.


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Flamewar is one of the best Transformers names ever, especially if you remember the good old days of on Usenet. As to the toy, she looks great. Her paintjob is excellent, they truly put a lot of effort into this one. Pity they can’t do that more often.

Overall: I am tempted to recommend her for the great paintjob, but it’s still Shattered Glass, so its for completists only.

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