Blog #2262: Toy Review: Transformers: Legacy: Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Voyager Class Road Hauler

Transformers: Legacy: Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Voyager Class Road Hauler

Road Hauler

Previous Mold Use: Earthrise Voyager Class Grapple, Kingdom Voyager Class Inferno, Selects Voyager Class Artfire

Road Hauler is pretty cool, but we’ve got to talk about that head sculpt. What idiot decided that was a good idea? I mean, did Road Hauler just stub his toe? Did he just spill hot coffee on his crotch? Did he just have a butt plug suddenly inserted? Was he just kicked in the nuts? Did he just eat a ghost pepper? Did he just see Wonder Woman 1984? Did he just find out Trump was elected president? Did he just experience sudden explosive diarrhea? I’ve got a million of these, but that will do, I think. What the fuck? He looks ridiculous. I think I read somewhere there is some panel in a comic, probably an UnFunPub book, that has him drawn this way, and they just went with that rather than asking themselves if it made sense for him to be frozen permanently in a silent scream of horror. Having said all that, Road Hauler is pretty cool. I like the colors, just not the face sculpt.


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