Blog #2209: Toy Review: Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Class Buzzsaw

Transformers: Legacy: Deluxe Class Buzzsaw


Previous Mold Use: Kingdom Deluxe Class Waspinator

Buzzsaw has a new head sculpt based on his original robot head. His paintjob looks great.

Overall: Repaints. Love them or hate them, they are never going away. Back in G1 there were some, but not many, and most had molding differences other than just heads (like Bluestreak, Prowl, and Smokescreen or the cone head jets). G2 was half G1 repaints, but they felt new and different with their crazy colors, so I don’t think anyone was really complaining about repaints. Then came Beast Wars, and everything changed. Buzzsaw was, I believe, the first, or one of the first, Beast Wars toys to be repainted and to not be a show character. He was, in my opinion, the beginning of Hasbro’s “everything must be repainted whether it makes sense or not” policy. This has been better in recent years with more repainted toys having new heads and accessories, and Hasbro thinking more logically about what they would repaint a toy into (like giving us a G1 toy and G1 animation or G2 versions rather than just random repaints like we got a lot of in early to mid 2000s). Buzzsaw did have a new head, but there were a whole lot of toys over the years that were repainted only for the sake of reusing the mold, that didn’t even have a new head and wasn’t even a new character. For that reason it’s hard for me to like Buzzsaw. I mean, it’s not his first, but he was a symbol of bad things to come. He’s fine, but I wouldn’t call him a must have.

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