Blog #2166: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Core Class Wave 1 (Ravage and Shockwave)

Transformers: Studio Series Core Class Wave 1 (Ravage and Shockwave)


In vehicle mode Ravage is a… I mean, he’s clearly supposed to be a… I think he looks like a… Shit. I don’t fucking know what he’s supposed to be. That he can actually go into Soundwave’s chest makes what he is all the more perplexing. I mean. He looks like a car that’s gone through a crusher or something Grimlock shat out. Maybe he is something Grimlock shat out and Hasbro is sitting back laughing about how we are literally buying shit.  For reasons I cannot explain he comes with one of Soundwave’s accessories. In robot mode he looks pretty great.


Shockwave looks great in robot mode, though I do not understand the logic of making a tiny Shockwave. Seems like a waste. His tank mode is good, better than most Shockwave alternate modes.

Overall: Ravage has one mode and turns into crap. Shockwave looks cool, but it way smaller than he should be. The first wave of Studio Series Core Class is a bust.

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